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Sonny 2

Sonny 2
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
Max level and infinite money:
When I did training in the second level the first time it just cycled
through backgrounds so I quit the game. I went back to fight the end
boss from level 1 again (last spot I saved) and when I won I got a
second sword. I tried the training again and went instantly to level
30 and infinite money.
The Baron:
I figured out that if your a Bio classed (the one you picked in the
beginning) you can get the skill called “Disrupt” and “Integrity” and
continuously burn The Baron Focus. Which causes the baron to have 0
Focus and use his skill “Deep Burning”, which causes him to lose Hp
for Focus.
Note: You can put up to 4 Disrupt in you action bar/circle.
Hunt Tip:
* Stun/disrupt the sniper when he buffs his damage and piercing to
  avoid being one-shotted.
* Focus fire on hunt until his men drop their own shields and cast
  “desperate shield” on him,
* Take out the men while hunt is stunned and shielded, then finish off
  hunt when the shield expires.
* Caps lock is cruise control for cool.
Effective build for psychological:
Use all attribute points on instinct. give all your ability points to
shock therapy, free will, and terror.Then move along the electric tree
til you get to wraith form,then use it at the start of all battles,
next use terror, after that use 3 shock therapies (have them in your
bar along with 1 free will, wraith form, 2 terrors, and 1 electric storm)
to begin the battle with the enemy at at least 3,000 less hp (plus all
your partner’s damage).
How to kill the Hydra as a Bio:
Heres the way:
-vicious stike at level 4
-savagery level 4
-sharpe sences level 4
-shadow blend level 4
-and with your remaining 4 i recommend either
-or integrity
-ive got them all ..
-ok and now your skill bar
-should go like this
-vicious strike x2
-sharp sences x2
-shadow blend x1
-then you will have 3 spaces left over..
-in my free spaces ive put in subversion, leading strike, and destroy.
-ok now to kill them you put on sharp sences, then shadow blend, then
vicious strike the fire claws and then vicious strike again then get your
focus back.
-take the claws 1 at a time.
-put veradux on planuex mode he wil keep you alive but if he isnt then put
him on aggresive and then put suversion on the person that has the lowest
health -as the claws attack the person with the least ammount of health
and then when the claws heal your man put veradux on planuex again the
next turn.
Tip for beating Captain Hunt:
You will go to the cutscene as long as the Captain’s health is low. The other
two don’t matter since they just keep casting buffs on themselves. Just let
them live. All you have to do is get the Captain’s HP down before he uses
Desperate Shield on himself.