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Totem Tribe

Totem Tribe
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
If you cant find an item, go to “Totem Tribedata exturegameitem folder”
and find your item. Open it with paint, and paint white/black areas
with red (its your choice). Save it, and enter game.
It become more visible.
Secret Pirate Island:
On island worship, there are four areas which are pink sparklings,
you need to put any unit every circle, for example put scouts on SW,
put warriors on SE, sent the workers to build a tower on NW, and then
picked one of the workers and put on the circle at NE.
For the area in the comet I found building what is needed to get
everything built (put fighters in between those buildings or they will
be easily destroyed) then filling all the other space with fighters,
healers, enough builders to be able to repair quickly all the time, and
a few towers in areas you don’t see many troops is the best way to go.
Do NOT keep your army clumped at a flag and the whole area is filled
with fighters who provide enough protection to get 0 to minimal damage
when you’re being attacked every minute. Once you build up your army
get the combat spell ready and get them together in the area right
before the (boss) then move to flag to attack then cast your spell when
they begin fighting (so you don’t lose spell time) and make another one
quickly and use it. CANCEL your fighting flag when you start to lose
most of your men (usually while making 2nd spell) so regenerated troops
stay to protect buildings, and let the rest die out fighting. After you
have repaired all your buildings and army, do it again and again til
the boss is dead. If you’re having problems finding the boss it’s because
it’s mainly secret passages. (look top middle and use your minimap).
Others open up after you defeat the boss and so on.
Open Chest:
To open up the chest, navigate the hunter to the chest.