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Virtual Families

Virtual Families
Submitted by: RM
* Go to the sandbox and pick up the door nob, your player will fix the
  shed. When that is done, get the key from under the welcome mat, that
  will open the shed. Now you can put out fires and water the plants.
* If a person’s energy is down, either give it an energy drink or keep
  letting it take naps or go to bed (it might take a few times).
* If a person’s happiness is down, buy new things for it, praise it, feed
  it, clean the house, and don’t use the scolding hand.
* If it’s hungry, buy food at the store.
* If it’s health is down, make it take a shower, clean the house, or use
  a towelet or hand sanatizer.
* To fix the birdbath, you have to fix the water hose (buy waterproof tape
  and make a person get a drink, then put another person on top of the hose)
  then buy a water pump, put it by the birdbath, and put TWO people on top
  of it (It’s too heavy for one).
* To repair the Workshop wall, you have to buy The Wall Repair Paint from
  the Store in the Varied Items section (be patient and wait till it appears
  over time).
* Put the paint and brush beside the bucket on the lower right hand of the
  screen (near the sandbox). Drop someone on the bucket and they will proceed
  to fill the bucket with water and add the paint. They will then take it to
  the wall of the workshop (where the children draw on the wall) and they
  will proceed to paint the wall.
* They will not complete the job on their own. You will have to keep bringing
  them back after they have finished one round. Use multiple people to finish
  the job quickly. 
  Note: Interrupting them while they are taking from the bucket will cause
  the bucket to disappear and all your progress on the wall will disappear
  too! You will have to wait for the Paint and brush to appear in the shop