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Wizard 101

Wizard 101
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
Pick your Wizard Type:
On the test part where you create your Wizard there should be a button
somewhere called SKIP THE TEST and you you get to pick.
Well you know how dragons cost alot of gold:
Submitted by: TiMEWiZE
Well all you do is get like 300-360 gold.
*Go to the pet shop.
*Pick dragon.
*It cost like 850 gold.
*All you do is change the color to all white.
*It will be exactly 340.
*But you know some people dont like the color white.
*Doesnt matter buy the white.
*Go to the paint shop next doot.
*And paint your dragon a different color.
*Its like 240-320 gold thoe..
*But its better than paying 850-1800 right?
Hint - Cheaper piggles:
Submitted by: abey
Piggles cost like 890 unless you change it all yellow its 309 so you can have
it yellow or go to the paint shop and change it.
Hint- Easy Gold:
Submitted by: chris
If you’re in need of cash, then my suggestion is to get a friend to help you
battle the harvest lord about 3-5 times. After that go to the shopping district
and sell what you’ve earned but don’t need. I recomend to get 3 friends to help
you. Also make sure that they’re at least level 9.
Submitted by: steven
If you want to get 5,000,000 munny you need to be l.v 9 so do this go to the
school of life and ask herif you are redy for a card and if she ses yes thin
you git 5,000,000$ if she ses no you haft to start the game all over!
Submitted by: kachi
First click on a buddy of yours. Then click “go to location”, then “yes”, then
click “trade” REALLY fast, then click “cancel” and you are either invisible or
you are your pet. It only lasts for a little while, though, and it times out
quicker if you enter a battle, port somewhere, or go to a different place.
Level up:
The best way to gain levels is to do quests. If you don’t pay, you will run
out of quests pretty quickly, so once you’re done with that, just defeat bosses
again. This is sorta boring but if you have any friends it’s fun to train with
them. I would also suggest fighting the Kraken.