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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: sweethart5w
How to stay asleep. All you have to do it type //afk in the talk box.
Stay asleep:
Well people can doo it but i can’t yoo can stay asleep when yoo click bored
it has Zzz’s and then it goes off realli quick soo yoo can’t fall to sleep i
realli want to no pweese. tell me how to do it.
Shirt, Pant:
go win canp n dash 3 time
Unlockable       How to unlock
shirt, pant, pet - Go win camp n dash 3 time
Double stuff:
Double click on spme thing then type cv and another 1 will appear.
Unlocking your wardrobe:
Submitted by: Daniel
To unlock your wardrobe, click on something that has a lock on and pess Ctrl
and N at the same time. Another one is, if you press f5 and it unlocks it! Or,
if you want to be good, then just get 2,000 achiviements.
Rules of Zwinky:
No-one should be allowed to get boyfriends on Zwinky, so I suggest stay safe and
ignore anyone that tries to get with you. Make sure you dont give out any personal
information, such as your email or addres OR phone number. I dont think that trying
to swear such as putting letters in swear words is very appropriate. Please accept
the rules of Zwinky, but I think that there should be an easier way to get 2000
How to climb on walls:
Submitted by: Kate
Hold down the left mouse button on the place you want to go (a wall) then press
tab twice and then enter and you will go there, if that doesnt work, just press
tab once or three times or four times, it depends on the computer and the room.
Submitted by: christelle
If u like more games in zwinky u click on a game and wait until it loads then at
the top atleast at the very top like were the close minimize maximize button is
then see the http thingy click on that then see the numbers at the last word in
the http box changit to something 11-23 numbers only thats the only new games 10
and below are old games.
ZChat Secret Whisper:
There is a secret trick for private conversations on zchat which allows you to chat
with your favorite Zwinky in a way that only he/she can read what you write and no
one else would be able to see what you’re typing. In order to do this you have to
click on the Maximize button in the zchat window and then click on the name of
person that you want to chat with, and start your conversation.
Cheat to unlocking pets, shirts and pants for Zwinkys:
You have to win Campus Dash 3 times to unlock these freebies for your wardrobe, then
you can have more fun dressing your Zwinky.
Life Preserver secret Password:
On the Zwinktopia page, if you click Life Preserver you will notice that you need a
password to enter it. So here is the password! The password is: “zafety”
Submitted by: Michelle
When you randumly want to fall asleep all you do is in your chat box you type //afk
and your person will fall asleep and stay untill you move or you talk to somebody.
Submitted by: Maria
Hey i guess you wanna see an animal or an object.In order to do this, you have open
your zwinky chat box (maximize it) and type //dog (to see a dog) and there more also
like //crown //cat or //book.
Submitted by: Shorty
If have less than 2,000 zchievements, and you want yor entire wardrobe unlocked,
I have a cheat for you. Here’s the website.
Put this in the Adress bar on your internet browser and a website will come out!
Everything on that website will be unlocked, and your Zwinky will be on the screen.
Feel free to dress it howver you would like it.
NOTE: You must be logged on Zwinky
Submitted by: yasmin
There is an easy way to get a lot of money on the game alphapets all you have to do
is go to http://www.jamesgart.com then download the anagram master then open it before
you play the game and type in the letters in the box then click 7 and type in the words
then click 6 and type in the words and so on.
Hide your Zwinky:
If you would like to hide your Zwinky under your desktop, press Restore, then click
on your Zwinky‘s foot and drag it down. Click the Tab twice and then press enter.
This way your Zwinky will be under the desktop. Now you can maximize the screen if
you would like to do so.
This is how to mae your bubble say nothing:
Submitted by: kisser4eva
Okay first you move the space bar over 2 or more times and click enter. easy cheat huh!
Submitted by: Catherine
When you are in the Omegaad in Zwinkitopia,click anywhere on the wall and press tab
twice and then enter. You will notice that the picture of the flower will start to
How to make bubble say nothing:
Submitted by: logan
Easy just go to speaking bar and type in a plus sign then enter.
Submitted by: katrina
When your on zwinky go to the end zone and play the game keep on shufferling then wait
after that click on quit and you will get money even though u never played its an
awesome cheat.
Anagram master:
To earn cash, go to google and search anagram master, then download. open the anagram
master when you play alphabets. click on number of letters submit letters and you get
all possible words. not every word will work.
Hint see pictures:
Submitted by: Rica
If you like to see pictures, beside the zchatbox,there are 2 buttons maximize and minimize
click maximize and then gets bigger to see pictures,you have to type on the chat box the
following://angel (if you want to see an angel)
,//puppy //bad //tele //smile //devil //rose //mail //money //ball //good //angry //sun
Hint free Items:
Submitted by: Anna
To get free items go to the safety room which is next to the shark fin on the map and
its in the red and white safety raft, click on it. Then when youre inside click on the
tv screen inside the page then read the statements then do the test/quiz…If you get
enough right. you get free items!
Submitted by: baybegurl
To fall asleep fast press //afk well u knoe tht….... now to wake up without moving 1 bit
press //afb and u will wake up instantly.
Submitted by: b-man
To unlock all ur things on zwinky the new version 2008. hold down [Crtl] [Alt] and [F5] at
the same time and it should unlock every thing.
Hint: Zwinky how to get lot’s of money:
Submitted by: sebrina
If you want to get lot’s of money you have to the pizza game you keep playing till
you finish press cash in and when your in zwinky log out then log in the you see
more money and keep playing and logging out and in and if u want tips find my name
on zwinky sebrina999.
Submitted by: nia
uhh shorty wen u go on da web nd ur logged onto zwinky does ur zwinky person change 2
wat u changed on da web o nd every else misscasey deleted all da cheats nd i no 1 get
8 popcorns from zeeplex nd therow em at tiketlady dont belive da hoe who thought of da
(da one on utube)kkk my username is _stay_my_baby_ ty jt yall im on ace park rite na
nowww bye.
Hints - Change Skin:
Submitted by: Angie
It’s not actually a cheat code, but alot of people talk about a tan cheat. All you
do is. When you are in your wardrobe, click on skin and instead of choosing on of
the big boxes just click on the little box next to your zwinky picture. You can
then change your zwinky‘s skin color to any color you want.
Submitted by: chyna
Stupid ppl the code to unlock your wardrobe is actually alt and f5 and the cheat for
u to have an awesome tan is also alt and f5 but then if u dont like those clothes u
can get ur money bac for it even thou aint pay for it i was sooo happy.
Have 10000 Zcard:
Submitted by: Wayne Ho
Go to Zwinchester and go into ShoeBuy buy two shoe without Zcard.
Easy Zbucks:
All you have to do is play the game crib gear every day. Instead of playing, press
all the shuffles and get points. Then click QUIT to cash the points in. You may not
get a lot but in will get you yo the 300 piont limit very quickly.
Submitted by: claire
If you want the pets in wardrobe and the electronics and other stuff to show up u have
to go to scenes then chose a scene and then also go to a thing in appearence where ur
zwinkie’s face will show up really close then mouse over it and it will move it wait
till its all the way to the right then save ur outfit the pets or electronics will
show up.
How to get a date on zwinky:
First, if your a guy do this go to z avenue and buy the wild unkept hair and make it
bleach blonde then go to z’s gretings and get the duck tee and make it black then go
to the lair and buy the chain baggy pant and choose the coulor red for girls go to the
surf shop and buy the blow up ducky dino and buy the duck tee at z’s greetings and at
like dat buy rhinestoned jeans and then go to the park and say 123 4 me for boys and
Submitted by: mike
Hi i have a hint for you. The hint is how to put you talk box in zwinky up to the top
of your screen. First:move your curser to the talk box and move it till you see the 4
arrows come up and then you can move it up and down.
Submitted by: Poo
There is No Cheat For the ” Unlock you Wardrobe” I’ve tryed them all! I’ve found a way to
make it much easier to earn 2,000 Zchievements. Studie One picticular game and keep playing
that game and soon you will know the answers off by heart! I Know the SAW Music Answers
and i got my 2,000 Zchievements really fast! Hope you get your Zchievements fast :)
Wardobe Unlocking:
Submitted by: -daisy-duke-
If u want to unlock ur wardorbe on zwinky u have to click on an item u want then press
[F5] u hav to continue doin that for a couple of days then ur wardrobe will be fully
See objects:
Maximize the chat window, then enter one of the following commands to see
the corresponding object.
Object     Command
Angel   - //angel
Ball     - //ball
Book     - //book
Cat     - //cat
Crown   - //crown
Devil   - //devil
Dog     - //dog
Mail     - //mail
Money   - //money
Puppy   - //puppy
Rose     - //rose
Sun     - //sun
Unknown   - //bad
Unknown   - //tele
Unknown   - //smile
Unknown   - //good
Unknown   - //angry
Campus Dash: rewards:
* Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt and pants.
* Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt, pants, and pet.
Easy money:
Submitted by: Joeys
* Keep playing the Pizza game. When you finish, select “Cash In”. When you are in
  Zwinky, logout then login again. You will have more money. 
* Play the game Crib Gear every day. Instead of playing, press all the shuffles and
  get points. Then, click “Quit” to cash the points in. You may not get a lot, but
  it adds up.
* Go to the End Zone and play the game. Keep shuffling then wait. After that, click
  on “Quit”. You will get money even though you have not actually played.