Health & Nutrition software downloads

Qigong for Self-Health Care 1.0
The Chinese are well known for their various types of alternative treatments. Some of the modes of treatments make use of magic. A popular form of Chinese magic is known as Oigong, which has been used for more than 5000 years. If you would like to

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BeatScanner 1.3
Do you enjoy listening to music ? Do you do any fitness activities such as walking,running,swimming,aerobics etc. Now imagine doing your workout while listening to your favorite music at a pace that matches your workout - it really pumps you up and

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My Medications List 5.0.2
My Medications List Helps you keep track of your medicines, total your medication costs by month, quarter and year along with having plenty of room for jotting down important notes about each of your medications such as "No Alcohol", "Take with.

Yoga 3.7
You can keep yourself fit and healthy by using incredible software Yoga that features hatha, radja, and jnana yoga instructions as well as a Link to an international yoga directory, and articles, photos of asanas.

Calorie Counter
The easier way to take control of you weight! Calorie Counter includes our excellent food database-- counting calories in over nine thousand foods including fast foods such as McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut. Calorie Counter calculates your

Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2010
Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it.

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Natura Sound Therapy 2.0
NATURA Sound Therapy v2.0 software features sounds of ocean waves, babbling brook, thunderstorm, forest evening and two ambient space music sounds. Each sound has its own volume control and sounds can be mixed with each other to form unique

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Metzcal 2.5
The inclusive software Metzcal offers users advanced herp record tracker that supports bulk processes as well as diet analysis and genetics functionality.

Weight-By-Date Pro Diet and Fitness 3.1
You can keep yourself healthy and smart by using inclusive Weight-By-Date program.

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Tacx Trainer 4.1
if you want that the Tacx s software works properly then you must have to keep it up to date. You can keep it up to date by using two ways i.e. online update function if you have direct connection to the internet; the manual update from Website.

DIABASS is a comfortable software replacement for common paper based diabetes diaries intended especially for diabetic patients.

Nutrition 4.5
The following sections are supported by handy software Nutrition: nutritional therapy; Food Selector; Nutritional / Orthomolecular therapy; Carbohydrates; Food Counts; Amino-acids and Antioxidants;BMI (body mass index) calculator; , Vitamins;.

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Braingym 1
With the exclusive Braingym software, you can feel the wonders of brainwave entrainment.

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Recipe Manager 1.2.0
Following are the key features of inclusive Recipe Manager Software that you can use for analyzing the nutritional values of your meals and for organizing your recipes: it has user friendly interface; it contains more than 30 nutrient and6000.

Health Profiles 3.04
With the help of this handy software, you can place the information about health and medical in one place.

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Herbs 4.9
The inclusive software Herbs includes following information: it includes introductory text files in shareware version while in full version full listing information for 36 herbs is included; its full version supports printing function as well; it.

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Bio-Rad Laboratories Experion
With RNA profile display virtual gel visual treatment tabular format representation pre loaded analysis functions with summary are included in Experion the software which is very simple and user friendly for protein RNA and DNA analysis.

Living Cookbook 2008 2.0
Living Cookbook 2008 is a handy application that enables you to manage your recipe collection, plan meals, calculate nutrition, create menus, create grocery lists, publish cookbooks, manage your kitchen inventory and more.

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Shop`NCook Cookbook Reader 3.4
You can use handy software Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader for following purposes: for reading Shop&Cook Shopping List & Recipe Manager software created cookbooks; for sharing cookbooks with friends and family with ease; for viewing and searching the.

GentleMouse 2.0
Now you have no need to get worry if you are suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury, arthritis and is not able to click the mouse because the handy software application GentleMouse is here for you. Its usage eliminates need of clicking mouse.

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