Recreation software downloads

CATVids 2.0
CATVids is a powerful database program designed to help you catalog and manage your video collection.

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MAGGI-Hairstyle and Make-up Software 6.0
MAGGI is multi language support program use to work out with faces. It let you change the hair styles, hair colors, change eye colors, allows you to apply lip liner, lipstick and shades to the lips as well as it also let you customize all these to

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Duck Hunt 1.7
This flash puzzle game just adds some advancement in simple puzzle game concept for bringing back the standard game play with attractive style.

Tool Kit 7.0.0
Now you can keep list of all your hand and power tools by using inclusive Tool Kit program.

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Virtual Piano 2006.06
The Virtual Piano is an inclusive and amazing program that is capable of giving you real piano like sounds. You can use Macromedia Flash Player or Internet Explorer for opening swf format files.

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yBook 2.6
No zooming, panning or scrolling, books are reformatted to fit your chosen font and page size. Direct download of all Gutenberg titles, with index. Completely free to use: No registration, no adware, no spyware.

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Eldy 2.1
Eldy is the first easy software dedicated to the elderly, from European Eldy?s non-profit organization.Eldy allows seniors use computers and enjoy the Internet revolution, by providing a software that allows easy access to all the most important

Formula1 Organizer Deluxe 3.0
The handy software Organizer is very easy to use for beginners but it is powerful enough as it fulfills the requirements of experts.

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Biblio 1-3
Biblio helps you organise your book collection. Store a broad range of information about your collection in Biblio and admire your library from different points of view. Connect authors with titles, translations with originals, titles with books,

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SWIFT WX Professional 2.7
You can run WIFT WX Professional on any desktop or laptop computer and it is used for providing you with up-to-the-minute Radar, Satellite, Storm Warnings, and Hail Reports.

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Greeting Card Designer 5.5
Design personalized cards for Birthdays, Wedding, New Year, anniversaries or any special occasion.

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Home Log 2.0
The easy-to-use programs Home Log is designed for the home user because; it is a complete home record system.

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Joke Sleuth 1.1
JokeSleuth is a searchable personal database of great humor with some of the funniest jokes on the net.

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Fun Kids Recipes 1.10
Make fun and delicious recipes with your family! Do you want to spend more time with your kids? Then let them join you in the kitchen, creating fun foods that they will love. Kids Fun Recipes is a collection of simple and easy to follow recipes that

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Need a Jacket 1.0
Do you need a jacket? This free app keeps it simple and tell you what you really want to know.

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Great Families Also Die ebook 1.0
ebook - Great Families Also Die - Read 20% free, pay to read the rest. The mature Det. Don Scarcell living in the newly formed twenty-first century almost comes in contact with the Grim Reaper, while having an encounter with a terrorist action in

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Lotto Cheatah 2.73
Award-winner. Rated BEST lottery software! Proven over 10 years of real-world lottery player use to improve your chances of winning at least 3-fold! Fully automatic and now with Auto Depth Finder. It finds the best money-winning pick settings for

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KMB Electrical Calculator 2008
Here's a calculator that every technician, maintenance person, or home hobbyist should have.

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You and Exercise Browser 2.3
Check out this huge exercise database of pictures, questions and answers, top exercise instructors and studios, The benefits of exercise, gain access to the top exercise Web sites, and add your favorite sites to the list.

Dynamic Biorhythms 5.27
Dynamic Biorhythms is an advanced multilingual tool for the analysis, forecast and comparison of biorhythms cycles of any person.

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