Clocks & Alarms software downloads

Harry Potter Clock 2.0
Whether you have ever heard of Harry Potter or not, you can get a closer experience when you install the Harry Potter Clock on your computer.

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Desktop Clock 2.9
If you would like to benefit from a PC clock that also functions as a reminder and calendar then Desktop Clock is your ideal choice.

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Clock! 2.1
A nice analog clock to put on your desktop, now with customizable alarms!Choose between ten predefined skins, or create your own!Clock! will always stay on top of other windows, so you will never miss the time!With the brand new alarm management

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Ace Clock XP 2007.07.860
If you need a desk top clock that has all the features to look out for like the stickers and fully customizable display that has tools that can be used when you want to set it, then AceClock is all you need.

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Analogue Vista Clock 1.35
Analogue Vista Clock stays on your desktop without doing interference in any other application.

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Cool Timer
Handy timer utility with many cool features. Can be used like an oven timer in countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically using any of several high-quality, built-in images or any image

Rainlendar 2.9/ 2.10 Beta
Now you can remember your important events and tasks by using handy software application Rainlendar.

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.25
Atomic Alarm Clock is an application that comes to replace the standard Windows clock.

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Free Desktop Timer 1.1
Easy to use timer for your desktop. You can create an unlimited number of timers, select a skin according to your taste, choose a sound signal. The timer can also turn off your computer. Absolutely free program.

Weather Clock 4.5
This streamlined, feature-packed clock utility offers lots of useful information at a glance.

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CrossGL Reminder Clock 1.12
High quality Desktop Clock Shareware. Provides alarms, on-date events, timers, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reminders with various assignable actions and sticky notes. Reminder functionality works even when computer is in sleep mode or

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Focus Booster 1.0.2
Focus booster is a simple and elegant application designed to help you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration.

Timetracker 1.4
Timetracker automates and simplifies the time, expense and leave management process which otherwise is a challenging task for project managers and coordinators to track and maintain such Details.

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Citrus Alarm Clock 2.3
Wake up to your own music collection. Citrus Alarm Clock is a software alarm clock that helps you wake up relaxed and on time. Citrus uses your own music collection and you can choose songs individually or organize them into shuffleable playlists.

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Metronome Timer 1.5
A special timer program, developed for Speed Reading training. Counts up or down, with customizable metronome tick (emphasized or not, variable speed), plus extra sound every x seconds (when you count up) or x seconds before timer runs off, and when

Chronos Clock 5.01.26
If you would like to keep track of time around the world... Chronos Clock is for you !! Whether it's business, family or chat friends, Chronos Clock, is the perfect program. Chronos...The clock that`s able to display multiple clocks with different

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Stop Watch 1.2.1
A very simple stopwatch program Stop Watch is a very simple stopwatch program, it supports restart/pausing the timer Stop Watch is a very small and simple stopwatch application that supports restarting/pausing the timer.

miniPlayer 1.5
miniPlayer is a compact and tiny audio player that is intended to keep the Widget small and for saving valuable desktop space.

Ticks 1.4
Ticks is a simple time tracking utility that runs from the Windows task tray. It was designed from the ground up to be simple, fast and portable so you can get to work quickly, anywhere. Ticks makes it simple to track and bill multiple projects right

Tomighty 0.7.1
Tomighty is a convenient, easy to use, Eye candy desktop application that helps you organize and execute your tasks in the Pomodoro way.