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CompTIA A+ Practice Tests by Study Hall 4.2
If you want to take an A+ certification exam, you need to prepare yourself well by using relevant study tools.

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor 1.3
MaxType LITE typing tutor is a free multifunctinal typing tester for Windows. This program enables you not only to test and practice your typing skills with any *.txt file, but to print out your test diplomas (statistical data will give you the

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.7
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is used for teaching the skills of touch typing and provides full QWERTY and Dvorak tuition with US and British keyboard support.

Sketch Studio Drawing Program 2006
Teach your kids to use the computer and develop their drawing skills at the same time by using Sketch Studio Drawing Program.

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GS Typing Tutor 2.96
A powerful educational software which will help you to learn touch typing or develop your typing speed through an amusing, easy, and effective way. Now, it supports 24 keyboard layouts (including US, UK, Dvorak and so on) and 5 typing games.

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Best Reader 8.0
Best Reader, the speed reading software for mastering speed reading in two weeks. After 15 one-hour studies with the Best Reader you will increase your reading speed up to 10 times, improve your reading comprehension and develop your memory. It is

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Guitar Guru 2.1
Learn how to play your favorite songs as the virtual fretboard guides you through the music at your own pace and plays in sync with your CDs, WMA files, or the included MIDI.

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EarMaster School 5.0
EarMaster School is a an interactive and powerful tool for teaching ear training. The learn-by-doing approach allows your students to develop better musical ears - and it is great fun too! EarMaster is easy to use and includes all the features you

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Learning words 1.2.1
WPF Words Learner. Can help you in learning of foreign words. Have an ability to test your knowledges.

ePSXe 1.60
ePSXe is a very fast and compatible Sony Playstation emulator for your PC.ePSXe takes advantage of the popular PSX plugins system, which has been introduced to the scene by PSEmu Pro. ePSXe and its components are all completly programmed in C++.Main

Cabra 0.6.4
A tiny tool to help you create flashcards. A tiny tool to help you create flashcards. Cabra is a small, simple, Java based tool specially designed to offer you a cross-platform studying program. You can easily create flash cards which can prove

MemoryLifter 2.0
Free Multimedia flashcard program for memory improvement, vocabulary memorization, learning foreign language and other uses.

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Wondershare QuizCreator 4.0.0
Wondershare QuizCreator is a professional and powerful quiz and survey maker that enables educators, trainers, researchers and more to create Flash-based quizzes, tests, surveys and assessments without any programming knowledge.

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NovaMind Pro 4.2.1
Now you can transform your creative ideas into reality by using exclusive software NovaMind Pro.

Omnitux 1.2.0
A set of educational games and drills. A set of educational games and drills. Omnitux is an application designed to provide various educational activities around multimedia elements (images, sounds, texts). Types of activities: - Associations -

Vehicle Manager 2.0.1065
Vehicle Manager 2.0.1065 provides you with a great management tool which track your vehicle maintenance, parts, vendors, contacts, service reminders, and more. For more information, you are advised to have a look at the following list of features!

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Seterra 3.0
You can use funny geography program Seterra for learning about countries as well as capitals, flags and cities all over the world.

PhotoMagic 1.2.8
Repair, resize, paint, design, print photos PhotoMagic - complete photo software suite.

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TypingMaster 6.21
TypingMaster Pro is an adaptive touch typing tutor for Windows, that helps you to reach professional typing skills.

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Speed Reading III 1.1.3
Speed Reading III 1.1.3 is considered as a simple to use, handy and efficient program with which you can improve your reading speed. The average reader reads at about 200 words per minute (wpm) with a typical comprehension of 60%. The top 1% of