Board software downloads

Championship Checkers Pro Board Game for Windows 7.42
Enjoy Championship Checkers, which will give you the opportunity to find new friends.

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Cubic checkers 1.0
Unlike the full version, this applet allows only game of two players on the same computer and game via WWW server.

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The Bingo Maker 4.0
- Bingo card Maker is a windows utility that creates high quality bingo cards that can be printed using your home computer or a professional printing service.

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Midnight Pool 3D 2.72
An excellent and very addictive game of Pool. For pool lovers, Midnight Pool 3D is a great option of entertainment and simulation of this game. Graphics and moves are excellent, you will feel that you are playing in a real table and in real

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Arasan 11.1
Arasan 11.1 gives you a convenient and useful chess program for Windows and Linux. It is copyrighted, but allows free distribution, with some restrictions.

LcDomino 3.4
The most complete program to play dominoes couples or individual. You can play on line. Several levels of difficulty. You can consult, move back and modify the game, keeping it and recovering it. With sound, game tutor and historical file You can

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Chess Mentor 3 1.0
Now you can make yourself a master of chess by playing Chess Mentor 3 that is your own private chess coach.

Championship Chess Pro 1.0
The beginners and professionals both can enjoy Championship Chess Pro. It offers challenging levels to professionals while for novices there is in-game DreamCoach. The game has dramatic graphics and excellent music that make the game more

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FreeSweetGames Eruditus 1.0.40
In this game you will get tiles from the bank to fill the racks with seven tiles. Players can get tiles only at the start of game or after each turn. The players have different options on each turn i.e. they can exchange one or more tiles for an

Mahjong Fortuna 2 1.0
In the incredible game Mahjong Fortuna 2, you can get to know about your horoscope, element, birthstone, and birth flower, etc simply by finding Fortuna tiles.

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Championship Mahjongg Solitaire 7.40
The Championship Mahjongg Solitaire is an exciting game that lets you discover a new place of friends.

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Invest in the USA 1.1
Invest in the USA is a game in which players make fortunes. The game is monopoly based board game in which players do property trading i.e. selling and purchasing property, house, hotels and players even can participate in lotteries and auctions. It

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Absolute Backgammon 1.0
Absolute Backgammon is a backgammon game that has superb graphics, sound effects, speech, and many options and features including 5 skill levels for a fun game of backgammon.

3D Chess 1.0
We are talking about challenging and thrilling game named as Three-dimensional chess. You ca play the game against your friend as well as with 11 computer opponents. The game supports timing mode and three tutorial modes.

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ReversiFlex 1.1.1
ReversiFlex is a variant of the classic table game Reversi where it can be played in customized tables.

Ct-Art 1.0
The revised and enhanced version of popular Chess Tactics Art is Ct-Art program. It supports following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. It includes features for both beginners and professionals.

War Chess 1.0
The War Chess is an interesting fighting game. In this game your mission is to lead your team for getting success in the battle. You can select your desire battlefield and when you will enter, you will see that there are many bold knights, kings

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Big Bang Chess 1.0
The Big Bang Chess game is completely different from other chess games because of tight integration with Apple technologies.

Hoyle Board Games 1.0
Hoyle Board Games offers you very interesting puzzle and traditional board games like Chess and Backgammon.

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WJChess 2D 1.0
The key features of WJChess 2D is as follow: it simplifies opening of book; it controls CPU exactly; it fixes some errors while pondering are removed; it has updated file of help, and more.