Business Simulation software downloads

Catan- The Computer Game 1.0
Catan is the very challenging Computer Game in which you will be the owner of an island named Catan and the main aim of the game is to produce various trading resources like ore, grain and wood etc.

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Railroad Tycoon 2 1.0
Railroad Tycoon 2 is an addictive and challenging game designed for computers in which you can ascertain yourself as Tycoon while working on all the way towards the upper ranks in railway industry.

Tradewinds 1.0
Now you can check that how good business man is you by playing Tradewinds game. The game lets you use your personal perception for making smart business trades with foreigners as well as you can make your own kingdom. Your aim is to buy things with

Cities in Motion 1.0
Cities in Motion is a business simulation game. The goal of the game is to implement and improve a public transport system in 4 European cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and Helsinki. This goal can be achieved by building lines for metro

Supple 1.0
In the Supple game, you will play a role of Arin Costello who is actually a young associate editor at Supple. Your aim is to help her in getting position of coveted Style Editor. Now it's up to you that how you beat her co-workers.

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Sim Theme Park 1.0
Theme Park World is a construction and management simulation type game pleasing absolutely everyone.

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Go Go Gourmet 2 1.0
In the Go Go Gourmet 2 game, your aim is to win the 1st prize cup. The best chefs from seven countries are taking part in this competition but you will do something unique for winning.

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Industry Giant 1.0
In the Industry Giant game, your aim is to bring your company to the top. Remembers that your competitors are very brilliant and if you want to defeat them then you will plan properly.

City Trader - Wall Street Trader 2001 1.0
City Trader - Wall Street Trader is a simulation video game in which you will act as a graduated business student who deals in the selling and buying of various currencies strategically.

Traffic Game 1.0
Play the most realistic game of building and planning public transport systems. Welcome in the world of public transport. Play the most realistic game of building and planning public transport systems.

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Farm Craft 1.0
The full of excitement game Farm Craft tells you story about the good vs. evil. The hero of game is Ginger, and you will control the movements and actions of this hero. Actually he helps all those rural farmers who want to develop the land outside

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Airport Tycoon 1.0
In the full of fight game Airport Tycoon, you will play a role of an airport mogul.

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World Cup Manager 2002 1.0
World Cup Manager 2002 is a fun to play soccer simulator where you get to take on the role of a football coach and train your team for the World Series.

TV Manager 2 1.0
TV Manager 2 is my latest game released. Trust me, this is one of the games you should not miss! Anyone should be able to achieve success with skill and hard work The American Dream. In TV Manager 2 - an addictive TV simulation game - you can

Cricket Captain 2011 1.0
International Cricket Captain returns for an action packed 2011 season, which sees England, India and South Africa battle it out for world number one status, while Australia re-build with an exciting crop of young players.

Cricket Coach 2007 1.0
The 2007 edition of our cricket game series. An improved user interface design lead to far more detailed and easy to read screens. Full 2007 data and a rewritten match engine provided more realistic results that the 2006 edition.

Football World Manager 2000 1.0
Football World Manager 2000 is a football computer game in which you will be able to play at least 20 leagues in up to 7 different countries.

Family Farm for Linux 1.0
Little house on the river Work the farm in this game of 19th century farmsteading and build a home for your families.

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Airline Tycoon First Class 1.0
The updated version of Airline Tycoon is Airline Tycoon First Class that supports following new features: the ten new missions are included; the game now supports multiplayer mode of playing; the game supports cargo flight assignments as well as.

Hot BBQ Party 1.0
Click on the food and then on the barbeque grill to begin cooking. When you see a green arrow, click it to turn the food. When you see a red arrow, click the food to get it and simply click the customers to give them their order. When they pay, click