Puzzles software downloads

Crazy Minesweeper 2.21
Crazy Minesweeper brings to you the classic game in a modern way. You will be able to enjoy two different modes of the game, named classic and crazy respectively. You are probably already familiar with the classic style, but the crazy mode brings the

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Snowy: Puzzle Islands 1.0
Snowy: Puzzle Islands is a challenging brain-teaser game that will keep you glued to your computer for a long time because of its engaging nature.

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JongPuzzle 3.84
JongPuzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows. It is a fun puzzle game like mah jongg, that tests your mind. Its intuitive interface is very easy to learn, and you will be playing within a few minutes. The goal of JongPuzzle is

BrickShooter 3.4
Whether you love puzzle games or you have not tried them yet, BrickShooter will give you the opportunity to enjoy, and you may find yourself developing a new passion.

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Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0.2
If you would like to have a jigsaw puzzle game that you can enjoy playing for hours on end, then you should consider Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Board Games Collection 1.06
The Board Games Collection, as its name indicates, brings to you four different games that you are bound to enjoy.

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Pharaoh`s Arrows
Pharaoh`s Arrows is a interesting game that is suitable for people of all ages, making it an ideal family game.

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Crystal Cave 1.9
In the Crystal Cave game you have to search long-lost treasures, pyramids and dark tombs of ancient temples in pitch black caves.

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Classic WordZap 2.30
Classic WordZap(R) 2.29 is a Freeware word game where you race your computer opponent to create the most unique words from a given set of letters. When opponents make the same word, it is zapped from both lists. . The game is a re-mastered version

Letter Rack 3D 6.01
Letter Rack 3D is amazing and much advanced feature word game that includes up to 27 languages i.

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Kremlin Puzzle 3D 1.6
Kremlin Puzzle 3D is a constructor game that is suitable for both children and adults alike.

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Cubis Gold 1.02
cubic Gold is an interesting game in which you have to expertly make chains of three or more cubes to remove them from the board before time runs out.

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Dogs And Lights 1.0
While people keep different types of pets, the friendliest of them is the dog. 'Dogs And Lights' gives you a simulated environment for you to rescue these lovely pets from the ravages of human cruelty. The dogs face many risks in a battlefield, and

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Arxon 1.0
Arxon is a very funny game that comes with three challenging modes that anyone will struggle to make sure that he reaches the last mode, which is not very easy unless you master the game tricks.

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Fatman Blocks 2 1.0
Fatman Blocks 2 brings to you a great idea that has been translated into a unique design with an interesting scheme of block building.

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Magic Lines 3.6
Magic Lines brings the well-known Lines game to a new level with its special 3D graphics.

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Brain Workout 1
Concentration is important in whatever you do, which is why you should consider using Brain Workout to give you necessary brain stimulation.

Mahjongg Variations 1.7
Just as its name indicates, Mahjongg Variations brings to you different ways of enjoying solitaire.

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Bonanza Logic 1.0
The most exciting three leveled game is bonanza logic, which has the dwarf, jewels and the dungeon and the most difficult level has the spider which will change a jewel thrown into something else to confuse you.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Player 1.1.1
If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, then you should use Jigsaw Puzzle Player, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite pastime on the computer.

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