Puzzles software downloads

Arcade Lines Christmas Edition 1.23
Arcade lines is a game of challenge, strategy and luck where staying in the game means fighting continual onslaught of balls.

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Astral Mosaic 1.0
If you enjoy puzzles then you should try Astral Mosaic and experience what you have been missing.

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Real Jigsaw Puzzle 1.3.0
Real Jigsaw Puzzle lets you do more than play your favorite game. In addition to playing, you will have the chance to create your own puzzles and then share them with others via email. You will also be able to exhibit the puzzles you have created.

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Cradle of Rome 1.10
Ancient Rome was one of the most magnificent cities of the bygone era. Cradle of Rome now gives you the opportunity to redesign this city without taking any course in architecture. The game gives you tiles that you need to click and match in given

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Monopoly 3 1.0
- The third version of the legendary game "Monopoly" in 3D graphics. The game offers 10 different maps of ten American cities, in which you have to build a virtual financial empire. A link "download" leads to a small file of active installation.

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Jig-Swap Puzzle 1.0
Play Jig-Swap Puzzle and enjoy a simple yet challenging puzzle game, where you need to join the different pieces in order to create special treasures.

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Aqua Words 1.02
Aquatic is the famous hero in Aqua Words, which is an enhanced version of the popular word games.

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Bubble Shooter Mobile 1.0
You should know right from the start that Bubble Shooter Mobile is very addictive.

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Chuzzles Chess Puzzles Pop-up For Your Desktop 1.0
Chess Puzzle is a very simple chess game that you can play on your PC. It can be played with simple click and moves of pieces.

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Joe`s Farm 1.3
Enjoy the Sokoban game in a new way, complete with a new name, Joe's Farm. There are different marked positions where you need to put a variety of objects. It is not just a matter of putting the objects, as you need logic in order to succeed. Placing

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Puzzle Inlay 1.45
Puzzle Inlay is an interesting arcade-puzzle game that gives you more than 100 picture puzzles.

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Block Shifter 1.14
Block Shifter is a simple yet interesting game, where you need to get rid of multi coloured blocks that are scattered all over the playing area.

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MahJongg TetriX 1.2
Alloy made game Mahjongg Tetrix is interesting game because it is multi-figured. You have to manage 4 figures that fall concurrent. You can take the control of game by Mahjongg clicks. You will have to remove the identical tile groups. If as you

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Reactor 1.0
If you like playing puzzle games then Reactor will provide you with a special way of enjoying your favorite game.

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Net Chess 5.1
Net Chess is a program that let you play Chess with people over chess engines or with friends and family over the network, internet, email, or on same computer.

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Bubble Xmas 1.0
As the Christmas season approaches, it is good to have ways of getting into the right mood.

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Trivia Machine 1.1
Trivia Machine is an enjoyable game where you need to answer simple fun questions. When you answer the questions correctly, you will go progressively higher on the ladder. You should strive to answer all of the questions correctly in order to reach

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OrbitZ 1.8
An orbit game, as it sounds, requires an extra thinking ability combined with necessary skills, for it has several levels that one must pass to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Agent Sokoban 1.83
If you think you are the best when it comes to mastering games, then Agent Sokoban game is yours because however simple this game might sound, mastering it is another task that is not easy at all.

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Jig Art Quest 1.0
Jig Art Quest offers you a new way of enjoy puzzle games. This game allows you to get a higher appreciation for works of art. The game is full of adventure, giving you the opportunity to explore different scenic environments, which include Art,

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