Audio Plugins software downloads

Edge 0.61
Edge is a Tone Generator module. It generates an entire musical scale at once, with each note of the scale on a separate output channel. Combined with Pegger, it effectively acts as an arpeggiating synthesizer. With AudioMulch's 8x8 matrix mixer in

XTNDConnect PC 7.1.1033
XTNDConnect PC allowing you to synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, email, and notes between your mobile devices and popular PC applications.

Convert Multiple JPG Files To PDF Files Software 7.0
You can save your time by using Convert Multiple JPG Files To PDF Files Software that lets you convert JPG/JPEG files to PDFs in batches.

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Vee-Hive (formerly Videophile II) 1.7.1
Handling managing and organizing multimedia files content and videos has become easier by using Vee Hive.

Drum Kit Samples 2.0
40 pieces Yamaha and Tama drum kit samples are delivered in ogg, wav and mp3 formats.

Portable freac (formerly Portable BonkEnc) 1.0.20a
Portable freac is a program designed to help you encode audio files between several formats, including MP3, FLAC, OGG and AAC.

Devuvuzelator 0.1
You can use inclusive plug-in Devuvuzelator for easily and quickly filtering vuvuzela horn sound from audio recordings. This audio processing plug-in requires VST host for working.

Creative MediaSource Plugin for CD Burner 3.10.18
The inclusive CD burner plug-in Creative MediaSource lets users to not only easily burn MP3 and audio CDs with a CD-writer but they can also print their own CD cover.

DMX Music Visualization 2.0
DMX512 is introduces to visualize the music. It is used to control lights and other techniques as well all those which are specific to music. It requires only on data running in real time. It is compatible with DMX PIPE, LPT switch or Enttec Open

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iDumpPro (formerly iDump)
iDump is a fantastic utility that enables you to transfer your songs off your iPod to a PC.

Blue Cats StereoScope Pro for DirectX 1.0
You can use inclusive program Blue Cats StereoScope for DirectX for following purposes: for analyzing stereo field in real time with multiple views and MIDI/automation output capabilities; for getting to know that how the audio signal is spread in.

orDrumbox 0.9.08
The handy software orDrumbox supports an automatic music composition capability that's why it can be used for programming drum.

jetCast DSP plugin for Winamp -
The handy Winamp plug-in jetCast DSP supports broadcasting in that case only when the server is operated along with jetCast, SHOUTCast dsp, Oddcast dsp and SAM Broadcaster.

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb 1.4
You can use handy Voxengo OldSkoolVerb for the creation of additional ambience. You can use it for all those instruments and sounds which do not have sharp percussive elements to them.

CUBE 2.1
CUBE 2 is a musical instrument and the ultimate tool for sound designers who have always wanted a direct and intuitive access to all audio components.

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RealTime Equalizer 4.10
RealTime Equalizer is an efficient application designed to perform modifications on audio signals in real time for a better sound experience.

Melodyne plugin
You can use handy Melodyne plug-in for vocals correction and optimization. Its key features are as follow: it is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista; in the host sequencer, it runs as plug-in; it is capable of controlling pitch as well

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muso 1.4.22 Build 1.
A centralized information repository for your music collection. A centralized information repository for your music collection. muso is a useful tool hat was designed in order to offer you a simple means of managing yor multimedia collection.

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Album Downloader 1.5
The inclusive software application Album Downloader lets users to easily find and update their album art for their music collection.

SoundCode for Dolby Digital 1.0.2
SoundCode for Dolby Digital is a tool having encoder and decoder. Its encoder is very faster than real time audio suite encoding. Re-encoding with Punch In/Out will save your time. It provides you output of time code file format at all frame rates.

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