Delphi software downloads

StroyCode 1.86
Visual programming - create programs in a few clicks! StroyCode compiles ready to use programs (EXE), libraries (DLL), web applications (CGI). In addition, you can generate Pascal/Delphi projects and modules. Modules creation wizard helps you get

Delphi 2005
You can use this powerful application for delphi and web development. It allows you to develop the enterprise application with Model Driven Architecture and UML visual design as well as you can build dynamic Web applications quickly and

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LMD-Tools Free for Delphi 7 9.05
Now you can perform whatever development action you want easily and within specified time by using inclusive and free LMD-Tools for Delphi 7.

Delphi Code Library
The powerful multi-language source code Library is Delphi Code Library that has a lot of features.

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TeeChart Pro 6 VCL 6.0
The handy software application TeeChart Pro 6 VCL makes the difficult task of creating general purpose and specialized chart and graphing applications very easy.

PowerCad 2D Component 3.0
The handy software application PowerCad 2D Component lets applications programmers to easily build CAD modules by providing them a reusable object library.

LMD-Tools Free for Delphi 5 7.04
LMD Tools is used for enhancing the functionality of existing VCL components. It includes 373 VCL components and you can use these tools within your application without any extra software. Its included control such as Buttons, Dialogs, Multimedia,

Addict 4.6
You can use handy VCL component suite Addict for adding first-class spelling checker as well as live-spelling, and automatic thesaurus lookup and replacement support in your documents.

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LMD-Tools Free for Delphi 6 7.04
Now you can easily and quickly to produce professional applications by using exclusive Buttons as well as Dialogs, Multimedia, System, Data-aware, Container, Standard, Label, and Extended controls that are provided you by incredible LMD-Tools Free.

TVideoGrabber is an easy-to-develop video capture component and media player component available for Delphi and C++Builder as a native VCL component, or for Visual Basic and Visual C++ as an ActiveX OCX component.

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IOPort 4.1
With exclusive software IOPort, you can perform following handy functions: you can easily access Windows I/O and memory-mapped ports; it is available for Delphi/C++ Builder 5 - XE2 while the DirectAccess mode is supported; it makes data.

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PostgresDAC 3.1.3
PostgresDAC is a PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Delphi/C++Builder. It allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to PostgreSQL DB without BDE and ODBC. This components set was developed for easy migration of existing

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HierCube OLAP library for VCL 4.58
HierCube Library is a set of VCL components designed to create fast, handy, and powerful OLAP-applications in different IDE.

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Delphi DetectIdle component 1
This component allows application to monitor system activity such as:* Screensaver start and stop* Workstation lock and unlock* Power suspend and resumeIt also allows to monitor such user activity as mouse movements and keypresses within:*.

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DynamicSkinForm 12.40
Now you can easily and quickly create application with skins by using feature rich software application DynamicSkinForm.

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Delphi Graphoman for InterBase 1.3
Generated code can access databases with TIBStoredProc TIBQuery TIBClientDataSet from the IBX palette, thus significantly reducing programmer's job on writing the standard code for stored procedures handling.

PDF In-The-Box for Delphi 2.2
PDF In-The-Box for Delphi is a VCL component that lets you create PDF files programmatically.

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Delphi Form Converter 1.12
Delphi Form Converter is a tool to converts binary format delphi form (.dfm) file to text formt dfm file, it also converts delphi6 and above version's dfm file's WideString & UTF8String encoding to delphi5 compatible encoding, e.g. converts

Delphi 5 Tweaks 0.8
Enables some hidden options of the Delphi GUI. There are missing some features that will be included in next version.

Delphi Message Assistant 1.11
This utility generates INT-files for Delphi units. You can generate INT-files for several units at once.