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Account Reset Console 5.01.090518
The Account Reset Console enables you to reset your domain account passwords or account flags through any web browser. It has the help desk. All orga...

Anobyte SPS
SPS is a user friendly application that allows you to safely store login information in databases. SPS is not bloat-ware and has a carefully targete...

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Password Sentinel 3.2.0
The reliable solution developed for secure password storage is Passwords Sentinel because; its purpose is to manage and keep safe passwords, access ...

Advanced ACT Password Recovery 2.10
contact management software enables you to recover or replace lost or forgotten passwords to the files created in ACT. It removes or replaces the pas...

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Cute Password Manager Pro 2009.2.0.0
Cute password manager pro is used to fill forms automatically for you when on internet. It stores your data for the first time you use a site and the...

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Password Generator (Server)
You can use this handy software suite for creating passwords as well as it is best for network administrators because they want to distribute secure p...

SXPasswordSuite 4.0
With new features included SXPasswordSuite is a free tool to recover password and has all the parameters that are essential in this regard. It Curre...

Password Depot Server 4 5.0.0
Password Depot 4 is password management software that enables you to protect your important and confidential passwords from external access. Its majo...

Automatic Password 2.0
Automatic Password is software use to generate secure password for windows devices. Automatic Password sticks to title bars of all windows right next...

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Windows Password Key Professional 8.1.1893
Windows all lost passwords quickly. It has user friendly interface as well as supports resetting passwords with a bootable CD/DVD and a bootable USB d...

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Windows Login Recovery Enterprise 5.0
Windows Login Recovery program is used for recovering or changing lost or forgotten Windows administrator password, standard user password and domai...

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If you think that storing passwords on PCs is a mistake, this is the right password manager for you. WebPassBooster is a simple and useful applicatio...

PGP Desktop Professional 10.1.1 Build 10
PGP Desktop is a specialized security application that relies on cryptography for protecting a wide range of data against intruders.Basically, the so...

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Password Depot Professional 6.0.5
Password Depot 5 is a handy utility that helps you to reliably protect your confidential passwords and documents from unauthorized access while offe...

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Windows Password Breaker Enterprise
Windows Password Breaker Enterprise give you access to your computer in case you forgive your password. It allows you to reset password of every domai...

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ID Vault 5.9.721.1
Now you can protect yourself from online frauds by using handy software ID Vault that gives you full security by encrypting your passwords, usernames ...

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Aloaha Smart Login 5.0.90
Aloaha Credential Provider represents one of the most dramatic changes in the Windows Vista/7 logon screen, making it much easier to implement new u...

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L0phtCrack 6.0.12b
L0phtCrack 6 is packed with powerful features such as scheduling, hash extraction from 64 bit Windows versions, multiprocessor algorithms, and networ...

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Now you have no need to remember several passwords because the handy software 1Password is capable of creating strong password for you. It does not o...

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AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2
You must use Secure Password Manager if you want to securely log in to secure websites, automatically. It retains the passwords and you can access al...

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