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AntiLogger 32x32 AntiLogger Download

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License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-01-03
File size: 3.52 MB

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Publisher description for AntiLogger

What does a hacker go after when attacking your PC to try and intrude on you? Attempts to put code on your system that is malicious, mess you up or take over your machine. Modify your system’s configuration, use your webcam without you knowing, same with your microphone, even copy / access your clipboard. Record your activities and copy them outside of your system. Download code that is virus infected. Hackers come after you in every way imaginable and in some ways you (or anyone) have yet to think of. It can be overwhelming to try and protect your system and your privacy from this onslaught. AntiLogger (AL) is that protection tool and software. Superbly powerful, employing multiple apps that each specifically taking on a particular hacker threat. AL does constant scanning across all of the threats and it a low power, deep cover way as to not intrude on your activities. AL intercepts threats that are not yet news on the Internet. You get a note when any malicious activity is detected: an attempt to activate or take over your camera or microphone, attempts to infiltrate with embedded viral code in a download, an attempt to access / copy your clipboard, attempt to gain access to storage in the cloud, attempt to force a bogus software download onto your system, any configuration change that you did not make or say ‘ok’ to, and it does all of this in real time. AL does not bother you when all is well. If you copy something outside your firewall, AL scans it as it is copied, and scans it as it comes through your firewall to insure that the clipboard was not infected between the copy and the paste. That is sophisticated monitoring.

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