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CDex 1.78 32x32 CDex 1.78 Download

Downloads: 56200
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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-03-15
File size: 12.53 MB

CDex 1.78 screenshot CDex 1.78 screenshot CDex 1.78 screenshot

Publisher description for CDex 1.78

CDex is a CDDA utility also known as a CD ripper as it allows you to extract digital data from your audio CD directly. The extract audio file can be a format used for generating compilations, such as a WAV file, plain and simple, or a file that you can compress with an audio encoder, using the raw ripped data audio file. You have any number of encoders available to you. Compressed files can be converted to a .wav file or .wav file to a compressed file. As an action taken as a file is ripped, you can insert a tagged formats such as IDEV1 and IDEV2 tags automatically. Multiple tracks can be directly recorded. You basic actions of reading and storing can be done to and from the disc involved, off of the .ini file. You can do the same with a remote CDDB, a CD database. If your CD supports CD-Text, CDex allows the action. Some files have “jitters”. CDex can correct it, using its CD-paranoia ripping library. It displays progress on jitter correction or any action you take. It will allow the normalizing of audio signals and supports just about every CD drive manufactured around the world. Imported .wav files can be managed and converted. Play lists like PLS files and M3U files are supported. You have a choice of many languages, and as a freeware, you can get a GPL license and acquire the source code.

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