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Comodo IceDragon 32x32 Comodo IceDragon Download

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Last updated: 2014-06-17
File size: 37 MB

Comodo IceDragon screenshot Comodo IceDragon screenshot Comodo IceDragon screenshot

Publisher description for Comodo IceDragon

Comodo brings you IceDragon (IceD), a tool that is a browser based on Firefox, and completely focused on giving its user the best in browser and online security, and, I quote, “… blistering browsing speeds.” What an expectation! Once IceD is downloaded, the option to use SecureDNS, an IceD service feature is given to you. If chosen, you will get top end page loading (remember the “blistering speed” expectation). SecureDNS also blocks websites identified as having threat signature in them. SecureDNS builds a list of these sites, called a “block list”, in real-time. You can use Firefox plug-ins with IceD, having full compatibility. These extensions gives you all of the features Mozilla has in its suite, and all of the processing power they provide. And these are tied to IceD’s superior security and privacy features. Another wonderful IceD feature is SiteInspector. It is the workhorse sub-tool that identifies sites that are threats and provides SecureDNS with the info to build its real-time Blocking list. The scanning you can get a report of all of the info returned – history of other scans done to identify threats in that site, domain registration, who the admins are and their contact info. IceD connects with social media so you can share your findings, passing on awareness of potential threats to others. One of the favorite aspects of IceD with its user base is the fact that IceD looks and feels and plays much like Firefox itself does. This lessens any learning curve and loss of effort while learning how to use a new tool.

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