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GMail Drive 1.0.17 32x32 GMail Drive 1.0.17 Download

Downloads: 76223
Op. System: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
Last updated: 2010-12-08
File size: 366.24 KB

Publisher description for GMail Drive 1.0.17

GMail Drive is a versatile tool that transforms your Google Mail account into a virtual file system. What this does is let you use your Gmail as an additional, exclusive file storage area. You can use Windows Explorer to move, organize, and all of the Explorer type of actions on files in your GMail. You essentially get another area of storage using your machine, and it is all for free. Now your GMail can work like an additional hard drive available on your machine. Just as a note, a GMail account comes with 6000 Meg storage. Your files that are moved to GMail appear as an email when you display your GMail account. To get to your file, you will see your inbox with a list of emails containing attachments. Your specific file is an email with that file as an attachment. GMail automatically manages and organizes these files as new ones are add to the list. GMail goes through the task of redoing the list tree as needed. You are able to track your files being added to your GMail with alerts of new email. What you see in your drives list is a new drive listing, which will be your GMail Drive.

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