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Google Chrome Beta 32x32 Google Chrome Beta Download

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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2008-09-03
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Publisher description for Google Chrome Beta

Chrome. So much to say about it. As with just about every new feature that Google decides to let loose on the world, Chrome has totally changed the landscape of browsing and accompanying features and functions. It is the most popular browser in the world, having quickly risen to this status from when it was launched in 2008. From its beginning it has been the dominate browser and has caused many user to leave long time favorites when their favorite is not able to do some action that Chrome can do. It is sophisticated in its technology. It is simple with a nice interface. It is faster than other browsers, giving you a better experience that is safer and easier. Google massive enhancement capabilities keeps Chrome on the bleeding edge of browser features and functions. It employs a routine improvement cycle that constantly pushes its competitors to try and keep up. The most immediately noticeable aspect of Chrome is its speed in launching.
Using JavaScript as its underlying engine, Chrome’s speed is also seen when you initiate a Chrome app. Page loading is much faster that other browsers due its employment of the WebKit engine that renders pages the quickest in the industry. WebKit is also open sourced and therefore being improved by a large user community. One key point is that Chrome’s user interface has not been altered to any great extent. This is a popular aspect of Chrome and one that Chrome’s user community sees as one of Chrome’s best features. Most of the changes have been in improving the use of toolbar space, making browsing space its primary goal. Chrome is all about being lean, mean, and clean. Another crowd favorite in Chrome is the ability to shut off browser history logging. The browser stacks three tool layers. A row of tabs is the top line of this stack. You can adjust the order if you wish. These control your windows in Chrome. Second row has the back, forward, and stop / refresh controls for navigation. With these you can control searches, bookmarking, file management activities. Our third row, bottom of the stack, is the display of folders you have bookmarked and the apps you have installed. An allegedly feature favorite is the use of Incognito as a mode, disabling history logging and so that you privately can browse, stealth on the browsing cookie crumb trail, cleaning all cookies and anything that was tracked when you close that browser session. Chrome Security is stellar in recognizing threats and fending them off, not allowing any foothold in your boundaries, in machine, in cloud, anywhere. Chrome uses Sandboxing as a tool and method. No malware can be ninja and sneak into your space. No website can hide any lurking threats – Chrome informs you before you open the site. Chrome keeps its security tools and source updated with regular, automatic events, and keeps you totally safe as possible. You control your security, you control your look and feel of your Chrome sessions by using, using your Google account to backup and save your settings.

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