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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2014-03-11
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Publisher description for 4.1.0 Beta 1 is a fully featured office suite (i.e. databases, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, and, of course, word processing … plus). It touts over 20 years of software engineering in its code, and has appeared in myriad languages. The downside is that OpenOffice is no longer having commercial development maintenance as it was terminated in April, 2011. The upside is that the code now belongs to the Apache Software Foundation when its owners donated the OpenOffice code, and it now continues under development by a wonderful collaboration of volunteers. Under license by LGPL, it is totally license fee free and can be used by anyone, public admins, academically, domestically, commercially, for any purpose. Global contributors report issues, help enhance the code, and request new features. It is simple, and easy to learn. As a single glob of software, it touts a consistency unmatched in the industry. It works on any computer. Its myriad languages covers the world in all directions. And a rather nice touch to its popularity, a software fork named LibreOffice has been developed and is being enhanced and maintained, and it is currently ready for download.

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