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PostgreSQL 9.4.1 32x32 PostgreSQL 9.4.1 Download

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License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-02-09
File size: 56.21 MB

PostgreSQL 9.4.1 screenshot PostgreSQL 9.4.1 screenshot PostgreSQL 9.4.1 screenshot

Publisher description for PostgreSQL 9.4.1

It is a database system that is ACID compliant; open source, powerful, actively developed over 15 years plus, high reliability, supports foreign keys fully, renowned for its correctness, proven architecture, object oriented, relational database with superb data integrity, includes features like joins, stored procedures, triggers, views, most data types contained in SQL:2008 (examples are the following, but not limited to the following: TIMESTAMP, BOOLEAN, INTEGER, VARCHAR, CHAR, INTERVAL, NUMERIC, and DATE). This tool is PostgreSQL.

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