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Roboform 32x32 Roboform Download

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License: Commercial Trial
Last updated: 2015-04-14
File size: 15.77 MB

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Publisher description for Roboform

Roboform is a password management tool that is two decades old. From its introduction to now countless millions of people rely on this tool for ease and simplicity in a computerized world where every site, every app wants a unique password. You keep a log of your passwords and where used, on paper or on machine, where one can be lost and the other can be “lost” or found by a hacker. Or, you can use the same password for everything and saints forbid that you get hacked and your one password is discovered, and used. Or, there is Roboform. Its claim to fame? Managing all of your myriad passwords under one Master password known only to you and Roboform. You log a unique password with a new site, give that password to Roboform, and when you go back to that site you use your Roboform Master password. Roboform recognizes where you are and applies its functionality to unlock the site or application for you. You need only one license for all of your machines and devices.

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