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Visitor: Kasra
General rate: Negative
Definitely not worth it. I purchased it in order to be able to convert PDF file to other formats specially word format so that I can easily edit and modify such converted documents. But the converted Word document may look good at first, but just don't touch it. It created tables as graphics, and I don't even mean that it creates a gif of the whole table; no just the frame and the text is still text. So, when you try to convert that text to table, then the text inside the table flies all over. The margines of the whole document is set in such a bizarre format that you better not touch it at all or you screw up the whole document. If I wanted a document that I can't touch, then the original PDF looks much better than the converted document in any case. In their shareware version, I think that they allow you to convert only 3 pages or something like that (I tried the shareware 3 month ago I think when I was trying to find a software for this purpose) because they know if you do a full conversion, then you discover what a horrible software it is and you won't purchase it. I was disparate for a software that does the conversion so I purchased the software without really testing the converted documents. In short, DON'T BUY THIS APPLICATION. That's my advice, and if you are as disparate as I was when I purchased it, then try to convert a document first, and try to modify that document first. That will convince you not to buy the software. If you did purchase it, then at that moment when you get so frustrated, then remember my advice about not purchasing this software, and curse yourself for not paying attention to my advice.