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Visitor: healey
General rate: Positive
It has a lot of options for customizing your ship and is just a really good game!
Visitor: Meklorka
General rate: Positive
The files aren't corrupted, and the game works fine for me. I really wish it wasnt a demo and that I got to play more than just 10 battles in a campaign
Visitor: lax
General rate: Positive
interesting game, pretty fun, only hard enough at the top level or else all you do is blow everyone up
Visitor: Diehleo
General rate: Positive
Good action packed game that reminds me of space invaders. i love it!
Visitor: dan
General rate: Negative
a reallllllllly bad and boring game
Visitor: mysterios007
General rate: Positive
its really awsome to be able to build your own ship and then fight with it!
Visitor: hamzmad
General rate: Positive
u must try this!it is amazing. a good strategic game
Visitor: Anonymous
General rate: Positive
i love this demo and have bought the real game i liked it so much!!