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Visitor: Kokoo
General rate: Positive
You developed a good program. I used it with good effects.
Visitor: MacAllah
General rate: Positive
Gets them from the root, excellent regesty cleaner, i got rid of all the others as soon as i tried this one - strongly recommended !
Visitor: Kirsha
General rate: Positive
i had many others, like mars win cleaner, advanced system optimiser, windows cleanser, win tweek etc.. this beats them all by very far !
Visitor: AJ
General rate: Negative
All I did is download, install, and try. It said it could not come up "bacause of a recent clock error". Bull! It is also NOT FREE, but a FREE TRIAL.
Visitor: OctagonMan
General rate: Negative
This program does NOTHING but cleaning your browser-cache and mru lists, which is a built in feature in Internet-Explorer.There are MANY free programs that are doing a MUCH better job then this garbage.Dont spend $30 for this fake program without trying the free alternatives!