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Visitor: evmenede
General rate: Negative
the first human to manage to build an accellerator will be a millionnaire and a competitor to the ISPs!!!
Visitor: Canadad
General rate: Negative
Absolutely 0.00% improvement. I, also, have yet to see an accelerator that works.
Visitor: Tom G
General rate: Negative
Program is as WORTHLESS as it gets !!! F*** YOU DSL SPEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Visitor: Martin
General rate: Negative
does anything work on these programmes? they all seem to be doing nothing.
Visitor: Vincent
General rate: Negative
After reading a couple of the user comments, I thought I would give it a shot. I knew it was to good to be true. I've gotten no where with it. I followed the directions and everything. Did a test on and Now I am getting 57 kbps less :(
Visitor: Rage
General rate: Positive
I have a fast connection. This just made it 10 times faster!!
Visitor: Steve A
General rate: Negative
Belongs in the garbage can with all the rest of the accelerators....