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Visitor: valimaki
General rate: Positive
this one does the job
Visitor: chefloe
General rate: Positive
I downloaded this one because my other rip-programs didn't do the job. This programm beats them all. Protected cd's are no problem !!!
Visitor: Jette
General rate: Positive
This is a great little utility. I used it to rip all my CDs to MP3s. I use 2 drives at a time (launch the application twice) and create files at 192 kbit/s and never get errors.
Visitor: MP
General rate: Negative
Poikosoft will leave you out to dry if you need support. I highly recommend NOT buying it.
Visitor: Monkee
General rate: Positive
Works better than I expected.
Visitor: Petoria
General rate: Positive
I had used another MP3 ripper for a long time, but found it had too many errors. I came back to and saw that this had been downloaded the most. I thought, "what have I got to lose?". So I installed it and let me tell you, this is awesome!!! It's SO FAST and it's really simple to use. Being free I thought I'd only be able to rip a few tracks at a time (like many other programs), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could select all of the tracks. Ripping a full length, 13 track CD took about 2 minutes. The sound quality is okay, but I'm sure there's a setting to change it somewhere. If you're looking for an easy-to-use ripper that does the job quickly, this is the one!!
Visitor: Ravindra
General rate: Positive
One main drawback I observed is , its taking more time to extract.
Visitor: Brad
General rate: Positive
MP: you mention that in your opinion Poikosoft will leave you out to dry if you need support -- with what did you require support? It is pointless to slam a product for alleged lack of support; for all we know, the problem is not support but your ineptness at figuring out a very simple tool. Why I love this program: power and OPTIONS!!! This is the only program that I know of that supports as many diverse and often competing file formats as it does. I do a fair amount of work with lossless audio and am thrilled that I can now make FLAC files directly from CD (the first product I know of that does this), as well as convert directly to so many other formats including the newer AAC types, WMA lossless, OGG, and more. While it would be great to have built in support for RealAudio and Shorten (SHN), this tool does consolidate features from multiple others I've been using. This is a superior product, fit for use by both the casual mp3 consumer and the professional audio power user alike: very powerful and easy to use -- what a combination!
Visitor: Alfred Robert
General rate: Positive
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