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Visitor: Arthur Smith
General rate: Positive
OK, don't waste your time on anything else - I've had lots of clipboards over the years. Most of them work (sort off) but they all suffer from the same problem. Nine times out of ten, it takes longer to find the clip you want than it does to type it again! Not with this. This has an organizational system that is superb! - It's difficult to describe, but you save your clips in groups of 30. You can view 3 of these groups at a time, so you have 90 on screen. Then you can swich one group or all three, by name, by library groupings or by favourite sets. Within each group, your clips can be listed alphabetically or you can position them where you want - you can even color highlight them. I can recommend this to everyone.
Visitor: Sandra Roberts
General rate: Positive
This is one of the best Clipboard managers out there. Three libraries with 30 clipboard spaces in each is awesome. Works well with graphics and has a powerful integrated graphics application. Short learning curve. Set quick keys and "docks" (has a button to activate) if you go to a side you pick. Many options available. Quick preview is great for picking the image you want to paste. Also can run in slimmish clipboard-only mode. A very large help documentation is available if you are stuck, along with a very good Getting Started guide.
Visitor: Abha
General rate: Positive
Great site!!!