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Visitor: Wolf
General rate: Negative
This program is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows XP!!!!!!!!!!! Will not run, as it's installer is DOS based, and not compatible with the XP System.
Visitor: JKL
General rate: Positive
The only imaging software I could find with fully functional trial - it was enough for my task this time - next time I'll buy it.
Visitor: eburema
General rate: Negative
waste of download time
Visitor: jackie
General rate: Negative
This program messed up my registry so badly that I had to reinstall my OS. I do not recommend tryin this download!!!!
Visitor: frOGit
General rate: Positive
I have an ASUS m2n-x with an nforce 520 achi controller and Acronis and Paragon couldn't leave my 2x500gb samsung discs in basic mode when imagiging an image file from disc 1 to ext USB drive and would always assume Raid mode and stuff up my other Hard Drive layout (overwrite it as though it was raid1 mirror image of c drive!) This was the only Solution that Worked. Better than Acronis or Paragon (fine for single SATA or IDE). Maybe not as pretty looking for the startup disc but i want reliability an R-Drive is king of Hard Disk Drive Image backups in basic mode while on nforce Raid controller in(ACHI(NCQ Mode)mode) !
Visitor: Takakazu Nozawa
General rate: Positive
I had read Japanese site, but translation is not so good. If you want, I will support you. I tested the product already and purchased the lisence as for company use. Regards, Takakazu