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Visitor: z
General rate: Positive
I tested my net connection at before installing and then again after installing. My download kbps increased 50%, my upload increased (but not as dramatically), and my latency was about 10% lower.
Visitor: crossbow70
General rate: Negative
Easy to use and stable, etc. but did it work? I would have to say no. Or, it did work but the increase in speed was negligible. Certainly not worth paying for. One has to buy this software to use which is easy enough. After the 14-day trial period if you are not happy and want a refund be prepared for several offer messages. Be firm and decline these offers if you are not interested in these alternative offerings. But be forewarned: these people are very persistent and want to sell you something!
Visitor: fdgdgf
General rate: Negative
for this business of requiring your credit card !! Jeez they must be crazy