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Ruby 1.9.1 32x32 Ruby 1.9.1 Download

Downloads: 702
Op. System:
License: Open Source
Last updated: 2010-06-09
File size: 10.76 MB

Ruby 1.9.1 screenshot Ruby 1.9.1 screenshot Ruby 1.9.1 screenshot

Publisher description for Ruby 1.9.1

Ruby is a coding language. It is for programming open source apps and systems. Productivity and simplicity is its focus. Its syntax is described as elegant as it is easy to code with it as well as it reads very naturally. It treats all artifacts and items within it as an object, thereby giving each items its own set of actions and its own set of properties. This shows best when Ruby applies action via a snippet of code to a number in the purest of object-oriented methods.

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