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The Bat! Home Edition 32x32 The Bat! Home Edition Download

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License: Commercial Trial
Last updated: 2010-06-04
File size: 6.77 MB

The Bat! Home Edition screenshot The Bat! Home Edition screenshot The Bat! Home Edition screenshot

Publisher description for The Bat! Home Edition

Bat is an email software that serves as the client end in the Microsoft Windows environments, including Vista. If you have a Vista system, Bat is certified to work on your machine. Bat is the only email client to have that certification. Bat’s claim to fame is employing the largest, widest association, use and support of protocols for authentications and processes for encryption. Couple this with Bat’s association with various email server-side threat defenders and evil code eliminators and you have a dynamic, secure team of software. Bat comes with its own partner software, Robin, which is a module for viewing images for HTML. Bat is all about great user experience, superb security, ease of use and simplicity.

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