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Sonic Visualizer is an application for viewing as well as analyzing the contents of music audio files. Sonic Visualiser is the program you require whilst you find a musical recording you desire to study rather than just hear. Sonic Visualizer is a software for viewing as well as analyzing the contents of audio files, enhanced for Pentium4 & AMD64 processors only. We expect Sonic Visualiser will be of specific interest to those who are musicologists, archivist, signal-processing researcher as well as anyone else looking for a friendly way to have a look at what lies inside the audio file. Sonic Visualiser contains features for the following: * Load audio files in WAV, Ogg in addition to MP3 formats, moreover view their waveforms. * Look at audio visualizations for example, spectrogram views, with interactive adjustment of display parameters. * Annotate audio data by adding up labeled time points as well as defining segments, point values plus curves. * Overlay annotation on top of one another through aligned scales, in addition to overlay annotations on top of waveform or spectrogram views. * View the same data at numerous time resolutions at the same time (for close-up and overview). * Run feature-extraction plug-in towards calculating annotations automatically, using algorithms for instance beat trackers, pitch detectors etc. * Import annotation layers from different text file formats. * Import note data from MIDI files, view it together with other frequency scales, as well as play it with the original audio. * Play back the audio as well as synthesized annotation, taking care to synchronize playback with display. * Choose areas of interest, optionally snapping to nearby feature locations, in addition to audition individual as well as comparative selections in seamless loops. * Time-stretch playbacks, slowing right down or speeding up to a little fraction or enormous manifold of the original speed whilst retaining a synchronized display. * Export audio regions as well as annotation layers to external files. The design goals for Sonic Visualizer are: * To offer the most excellent obtainable core waveform as well as spectrogram audio visualizations for use with substantial files of music audio data. * To facilitate ready comparisons between diverse sorts of data, for instance by making it easy to overlay one set of data on another, or display the similar data in more than one way simultaneously. * To be straightforward. The user interface should be simpler towards learning as well as to explain than the internal data structures. In this respect, Sonic Visualizer aims at resembling a consumer audio application. * To be responsive, slick, as well as pleasant. Even if you have to wait for your consequences to be calculated, you should capable of doing something else with the audio data whilst you desire. Sonic Visualizer is pervasively multithreaded, loves multiprocessor as well as multicore systems, as well as can make good use of speedy processors with abundance of memory. * To handle huge data sets. The work Sonic Visualizer does is inherently processor-hungry plus (frequently) memory-hungry, however the aim is to permit you towards working with long audio files on machines with modest CPU as well as memory where rational. (Disk space is one more matter. Sonic Visualizer eats this.)

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