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JmolApplet is a java-based tool designed specifically to display 3-D chemical information. It features a wide range of files type and out from the quantum chemistry. In addition, it has animation of multi frames files and computed modes all from Quantum program. The main features includes; • A web browser applet that is easily integrated into web pages. • It is very suitable for development of web-based courseware and online chemical database • It is a standalone program, meaning it does not require any other third party program to function • It can easily be integrated as a component into other java based application • It is available in multiple languages which are Catalan (ca), Chinese (both zh_CN and zh_TW) Czech (cs), Dutch (nl), French (fr), German (de), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Korean (ko), Portuguese - Brazil (pt_BR), Spanish (es), Turkish (tr), (in addition to the native American English, en-US, and British English, en-GB). • it automatically adopt the language of the users operating system if that such language is among the one listed above • it support all popular web browser including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Konqueror, IceWeasel • High-performance 3D rendering with no hardware requirements • It Support for unit cell and symmetry operations Schematic shapes for secondary structures in biomolecules

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