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License: Freeware
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Op. System: Windows
Last updated: 15 April 2012
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Publisher: Web 3D Consortium
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Publisher description for X3D Editor

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X3D-Edit is a graphics file editor for Extensible 3D (X3D) that enables simple error-free editing, authoring and validation of X3D or VRML scene-graph files. Context-sensitive tooltips provide concise summaries of each VRML node and attribute. These tooltips simplify authoring and improve understanding for novice and expert users alike. Features: - Intuitive, powerful user interface - Always creates well-formed scene graphs: nodes only fit where allowed - Validates X3D scenes for VRML 97 profile and Core profile - Automatically translate X3D scene into VRML and launch browser to view results - A huge set of example X3D scenes - Tool tips and hints pop up for each element and attribute, helping you learn how VRML/X3D scene graphs really work - Platform independence using Java - Extensible Style Sheet for Transformations (XSLT) translation: X3dToVrml97.xslt (backwards compatibility with VRML 97), X3dToXhtml.xslt (tagset pretty printing), and X3dWrap.xsl / X3dUnwrap.xsl (for "wrapper tag" addition/removal) - Support for DIS-Java-VRML extension nodes, specified by the DIS-Java-VRML Working Group (http://www.web3d.org/WorkingGroups/vrtp/dis-java-vrml) with ongoing design testing & evaluation. - Support for editing georeferenced GeoVRML nodes, specified by the GeoVRML 1.0 profile (http://www.geovrml.org/1.0/doc). - Support for draft H-Anim 2001 Humanoid Animation Specification and editing avatar Humanoid Animation nodes. Also support for H-Anim 1.1 profile (http://ece.uwaterloo.ca:80/~h-anim/spec1.1) - Support for proposed new nodes KeySensor and StringSensor. However, note that Prototype support is not yet implemented for keyboard nodes. - Support for proposed Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) Surface extension nodes, proposed by blaxxun interactive with ongoing development & evaluation. However, note that complete Prototype support is not yet implemented for Nurbs nodes. - Scene graph printing using tags or icons (on some printers, anyway... this Xeena feature is buggy)

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