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License: Free to try
Downloads: 23
Op. System: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000
Last updated: 01-09-2004
File size: 38.05 MB
Publisher: Ulead Systems GmbH
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Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 is the simple and fun way to make great DVD movies. Transform video from camcorder, VHS tape or TV into polished CDs or DVDs with one click. Make fun videos and slideshows by adding exciting transitions, titles and mix in voice and music. Create and preview motion menus and backgrounds without rendering, which allow for efficient adjustments. Easily edit movies, slideshows and menu items directly on all rewritable DVDs. Produce premium quality CD and DVD movies to play on any DVD player or computer. Turn your home videos into great looking DVD movies in a flash.

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Visitor: Cyber_GELF
Not enough control to create a KDVD let alone use my own DVD standard. Takes some getting use to and could be good for those encoding to DVD-R, if they are patient... Although I have found a faster DVD authoring tool that is easier to use and just as stable that allows me to encode things the way I want. I can put up to 140 minutes on a CD-R that plays back in most DVD players. Can't do that with this software! Not enough control!
General rate: Negative
Visitor: peet
i can't install it it is asking for a cd.... stupid
General rate: Negative
Visitor: Gekko
By the end of any video that is longer than 30 minutes, the sound and graphics no longer sync with each other. I feel like I'm watching an old Kung Fu movie.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: SoftFan2
I use it because I make alot of stuff with it. Like the way I use it with IE, Mozilla and DriveWatch to keep my system working.
General rate: Positive
Visitor: Zaphod
Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator I bought this sucky program due to buying a JVC dv cam new but with no software as it was ex demo .. I must say that if it worked as I wished it would and as it is designed to I'd not give a negative opinion of it ... however .. it really sucks .. and I mean really!!! .. try capturing without rebooting .. oh yeah .. thats gunna happen .. I've tried this on many systems and its always the same .. no easy way to capture on the fly .. you have to trick it to capture on the fly !!!.. it always controls the DV cam even when you don't want it to .. it changes the settings of a project randomly .. the standard templates are wrong .. when I use the standard template to capture at a bit rate of two hours per DVD I'm getting more than half that quality .. so that the actual image quality is crap .. absolutely unbelievable !!!!!!if i choose the 3 hour template it still gives me the same amount of as the 2 hour template but the image quality is better which is wierd.. I've had to set my own templates and save them... then I always check that my settings havn't changed since I last used them (I'm the only user of this machine and its completely secure).. the interface has changed for no aparent reason recently.. I havn't looked hard yet but I didnt know there was a choice of interfaces .. and it randomly changes how the start screen looks and reacts.. I believe this problem is also with version 2,,, it shows that a project will fit on a disk .. however it won't .. and that really anoying .. there is a patch for this though .. Uleads help is non existant .. so good luck if you have a problem .. you need to constantly save your work as it will often just exit without any error while your editing a capture .. and then if its a complicated capture your really stuffed as its time consuming .. and if your using the function "multi trim" you need to exit it to save then open the function again to keep working .. and its time consuming getting back to where you were when you exited to save .. and ALWAYS SAVE REGULARLY.. cause the crap arse program will let you down whether your working on a stable machine or not .. you regularly need to reboot to get it to capture .. many times when you start a capture it fails and you loose the video in the preview screen and that means "REBOOT TIME" and thats normally every time .. sometimes I've had to reboot 3 times before a capture will start without trouble I'm refraining from swearing .. but i'm sick to death of this skanky arse crap program and its abundant anoyances !!!!!!!!
General rate: Negative