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Unearths all the hidden information in your photos courtesy of JPEGsnoop. JPEGsnoop is a simple and easy to use program that was specifically design to help you extract all the hidden information in your photo. With this program it is even possible to determine the various setting that was used in the digital camera that took you photo, extract information relating to quality and nature of the Jpeg image compression used by the digital camera when saving the photos and much more. Have you ever wondered why digital camera produces picture of different quality? Well, you can easily extract and compare their setting from their pictures. One of the latest and useful features of JPEGsnoop is the internal database. This database will help you compare an image against the large number of compression signature available. With this program, you can easily identify which digital camera or software was used to generate your images. This feature is very useful especially when you want to know whether a photo has been edited or tampered with. It does by comparing the image signature with the large number of signature in the database. For example, if the image picture matches that of Photoshop, you will definitely know it is edited with Photoshop. This type of analysis is commonly known as Digital Image Ballistics / Forensics. Other information reported by JPEGsnoop includes quantization table matrix (chrominance and luminance), chroma sub sampling, estimates JPEG Quality setting, JPEG resolution settings, Huffman tables, EXIF metadata, Makernotes, RGB histograms, etc. it support and report form almost all JPEG JFIF markers are reported This program can also be very useful to you if you want to learn about JPEG compression or if you are writing a JPEG recorder. All you need to do is activate the full Huffman VLC decode. furthermore, the program can be used to determine quality setting used in Photoshop Save As or Save for Web settings, increasing your scanner quality, locating recoverable images / videos, decoding AVI files, examining .THM files, JPEG EXIF thumbnails, extract embedded images in Adobe PDF documents, etc.

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