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Finance Pro is actually two software packages in one.Features:-Annuities/Time Value of Money - Can solve for both simple and general annuities. Payments can be due at the beginning or the end of the period. Solves for Present Value, Future Value, Period, Interest Rate, and Payment. The payment period and the interest period can be of equal or different frequency.-Bonds and Securities - Solve for Accrued Interest to Maturity, Accrued Periodic Interest, Bond Duration, Bond Price, Discount Rate, Modified Bond Duration, Received Amount at Maturity, Discounted Yield, Yield to Maturity, and Yield to Maturity - Periodic Interest.-Equivalent Interest Rates - Enter the known interest rate and compounding period to calculate an equivalent rate at a new compounding period.-Compound Interest - Calculates interest earned and can solve for Present Value, Future Value, Period, and Interest Rate.-Internal Rate of Return - Calculates the IRR for any number of cash flows, both deposits or withdrawals. After the calculation is made, you have the option of printing a professional looking report for your client.-Irregular Loan Amortization - Calculates the interest, principal, remaining balance, and deferred interest. Enter the payment date, payment, and interest rate for up to 1000 payments. Each entry can be different then the previous one. Prints amortization report.-Lease Calculations - Find out the real cost of a lease. Calculates the interest rate, capitalized value, periodic payment, and the cost amount to book on the financial statement.-Loan and Amortization - Calculates the Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Payment, or Period. You have the option of displaying an amortization schedule on the screen or printing a report.-Loan with Constant Principal - This module will calculate the payment that consists of a constant principal amount, added to the current period's interest, and produce an amortization schedule. In other words, the principal part of the payment will not change. It stays constant for each payment.-Net Present Value - Calculates the NPV of any number of cash flows for a stated Internal Rate of Return. You have the option of printing a report.-Random Number Generator - The Random Number Generator will develop a list of up to 30,000 random numbers from a range of numbers you choose. The range of numbers can be from a low of 0 (zero) to a high of 2,147,483,646. The random numbers the program will generate will be in this range inclusively. You can chose whether the list may or may not contain duplicate numbers. The listing can be printed based on the order the numbers were chosen, or can be sorted from low number to high. This list can assist in developing your Audit Sample.-Simple Interest - Calculates Simple Interest Problems. Can solve for Present Value, Future Value, Period, and Interest Rate.-T-Bills - Solve for the Bond Equivalent Yield, T-Bill Price, and T-Bill Yield.-Business Calculator - For those of you who are more accustomed to a calculator, this is for you. All calculations can be performed using an on screen calculator.

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