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How in the globe do provide I open those docx files? Microsoft has introduced the .docx file format in its new Office as well as Word applications and wants it to replace the commonly used doc format. The problem with the alteration from doc to docx is that numerous users are still working with earlier versions of Word or no Microsoft product at all as well as face the problem that they are not capable of loading the docx file since it has not been supported in their application. In order to make matters even worse, the trial version of Word 2007 will just save in the new docx format as well as has the 'Copy' and 'Paste' functions disabled. Anyone who created documents in the new Word 2007 trial edition were forced towards saving in the new format with no opportunity of transferring their own information to another application. Once the trial ended, you had two options - purchase Word 2007 with a view to retrieving your information or re-enter all that information time and again in another application. If you are one of those unlucky people who have lost access to the information stored in those documents, we have happy news for you! Docx2Rtf can extract almost the majority of your information back from those locked files as well as permit you towards saving it to richtext format (*.rtf) which can be read by more or less any modern word processing application. If you would rather save it to a format that can be read by almost anyone in the globe with a modern computer, Docx2Rtf will even permit you towards saving that information in PDF format! Docx2Rtf even goes one step more. Since a growing percentage of the computing world has switched or is the process of switching over to the new ODF format alongside are using products for example, NeoOffice, OpenOffice etc. We have added the capability for Docx2Rtf to read those documents for you. Not everyone likes MS Office as well as not everyone likes OpenOffice. For diverse reasons, people perhaps not have one or either of such applications installed on their computer. OpenOffice is free for anyone to use however, not everyone has the capability or desire towards downloading a 100+ MB program to their computer simply to view an odt file that someone sent them. Not everyone has the most recent computer equipment at their disposal which is able of run either of these programs. Docx2Rtf will let you communicate with other users who insist on sending you files in one of those 2 formats, even though you are still using an outdated computer. What is Docx2Rtf? Docx2Rtf is a freeware file converter for MS Word 2007 Docx as well as OpenOffice Sxw in addition to Odt files. You do not require OpenOffice or Office 2007 to be installed for the program to work. Word 2007 Docx files (*.docx; *.dotx) as well as OpenOffice files (*.sxw,*.odt) will be converted to richtext (rtf) format with partial formatting as well as images. Docx2Rtf is not perfect in what it can retrieve from these files; however, it does a decent job of retrieving your fundamental information. Whilst you are converting these documents, Docx2Rtf will show you a page by page layout of what had been retrieved as well as let you send it to your printer. Moreover, Docx2Rtf can convert those Word 2007 as well as OpenOffice documents to PDF format! Docx2Rtf moreover, permit you to view extremely common graphic file formats. Version 3.4 even permits you to extract text (if obtainable) from pdf files! MS Works (*.wps) files are currently supported in v2.9. Docx2Rtf as well as our own QwikChange perhaps extremely well be the only software programs besides Microsoft products that can open in addition to convert MS Works (*.wps) documents! Actually, Docx2Rtf in addition to QwikChange were capable of loading more MS Works files that MS Word 2007! Multi-language interface at this time obtainable! Just see languages below. Recent alterations currently comprise support for underlined as well as italic text in Office 2007 in addition to OpenOffice files. The most recent version further displays a printer selection dialog before printing. You are able currently re-to arrange/delete pages! Version 3.6 permits you towards re-arranging pages using the buttons at the bottom of the main screen or by using drag and drop in the thumbnail window.

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