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FFmpeg is free software designed to give you a complete solution to video and audio recording, conversion and streaming. FFmpeg is a very fast converter, which has the ability to grab live audio and video sources. It also the ability to convert between arbitrary samples rates as well as resizing video on the fly with a high quality polyphone filter. FFmpeg is a freeware licensed under LGPL or GPL. By using it, you are bound by term and condition as specified by the license. It features an intuitive command line interface that allows you to specify the bit rate you want. The options you set are automatically applied to the next specified file. This means that order is very important. Your options can be used multiple times in the command line. The following command are useful; • ffmpeg -i input.avi -b 64k output.avi- To set the video bit rate of the output file to 64kbit/s • ffmpeg -i input.avi -r 24 output.avi- To force the frame rate of the output file to 24 fps • ffmpeg -r 1 -i input.m2v -r 24 output.avi - To force the frame rate of the input file (valid for raw formats only) to 1 fps and the frame rate of the output file to 24 fps For raw inputs, you may be required to enter format options. By default, the software uses same video and audio parameter for output such as those of inputs files It is made up of several key component which are; ffmpeg – a command line tool to convert multimedia files between formats. * ffserver --a multimedia streaming server for live broadcasts. * ffplay - a simple media player based on SDL and the FFmpeg libraries. * ffprobe is a simple multimedia stream analyzer. * libavutil - a library containing functions for simplifying programming, including random number generators, data structures, mathematics routines, core multimedia utilities, and much more. * libavcodec - library containing decoders and encoders for audio/video codecs. * libavformat - a library containing demuxers and muxers for multimedia container formats. * libavdevice - a library containing input and output devices for grabbing from and rendering to many common multimedia input/output software frameworks, including Video4Linux, Video4Linux2, VfW, and ALSA. * libavfilter - a library containing media filters. * libswscale -a library performing highly optimized image scaling and color space/pixel format conversion operations.

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