Regular Expression Component Library for VC9


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Last updated: 2011-12-22
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Publisher: Tropic Software East Inc.
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Publisher description for Regular Expression Component Library for VC9

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Library to help you with your work. Library to help you with your work. Regular Expression Component Library for VC9 is designed as an easy-to-use library for searching and / or replacing strings or data in files using regular expressions in non-managed C++ code. In the Visual C++ environment the Regular Expression Library is made of an MFC ( Microsoft Foundation Class ) component and a non-MFC class. The user of the library can set and get properties using data member syntax notation, call class methods at run-time, and set global callback event handlers as properties at run-time. With Visual C++ 7, 7.1, 8, and 9 non-static member function event handlers use the built-in Microsoft C++ extensions of __event, __hook, and __unhook for event processing. Regular Expression Component Library for VC9 features : - A properties, methods, and events model for accessing regular expression functionality. The implementation supports both MFC GUI modules and console mode modules using extremely similar models. You can access properties and events using data member notation or by calling functions using Set and Get functionality. Events for member function handling use the new Unified Event Model, which uses __hook and __unhook to handle events or remove an event handler. - Properties for specifying a regular expression, string to match, file specification ( with wildcards ) to match, flexible options for regular expression syntax, flexible options for matching considerations, and other properties to enhance matching capabilities. - Methods to match a string in numerous ways; the entire string, the beginning of the string, anywhere in the string, multiple exclusive matches in a string. Methods to match file data; either a single match in a file or multiple matches in a file. A method to change data in a string based on format-like replacement syntax which can use the actual data found or one of its sub-expressions. A method to change file data using the same format-like replacement as with a string. The methods to change string or file data can change the replacement string on-the-fly by using the appropriate event handler. - Events to handle the gathering of specific data for each of the matching methods. Most of the event handlers gain access to what the expression matches as well as to what each sub-expression of the expression matches. - The library supports multi-threaded access, and reuse and re-entrancy in event handlers.

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