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sharpSerializer is an open source XML and binary serializer for .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Silverlight. Why sharp? Because was developed with C#. Why Serializer? Because it should primarily replace the built in XmlSerializer. Actually sharpSerializer can serialize to Xml and to its own binary format. However after providing it with custom writers, it can serialize data to other text formats like Json or other encrypted, compressed, optimized etc. binary streams. Features: *Multidimensional arrays It does not matter, how many dimensions or nested arrays an array has, 1,2,3...8. As the element type there can be a primitive type, complex object, generic type or nested collection - sharpSerializer can serialize all of them. *Polymorphic properties There is property of type IMyInterface in a class. But as the property value contains an instance of a class MyClass, which implements IMyInterface. This is the polymorphic property. XmlSerializer could serialize such a property, only if provided in advance with the both types (IMyInterface and MyClass) in its Serialize() method. sharpSerializer can serialize such an object without additional type definitions nor marking your model with attributes. *Generic types with polymorphic arguments Some generic class of type MyGenericClass contains an instance of RealDataClass which is inherited from the AbstractDataClass. This is a polymorphic argument, which the sharpSerializer can automatic Detect and serialize. *Generic dictionaries With sharpSerializer you can serialize generic Dictionary where K and T are of a complex type or even nested dictionary. *Polymorphic listings There is a dictionary of type Dictionary where keys are inherited from IKeyInterface and values are inherited from AbstractValueClass. We say - the keys and values are polymorphic. sharpSerializer can serialize it as a normal dictionary.

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