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Last updated: 2012-01-03
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Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices Inc
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A tool for analyzing application performance. A tool for analyzing application performance. The AMD APP Profiler is a performance analysis tool that gathers data from the OpenCL run-time and AMD Radeon GPUs during the execution of an OpenCL application. This information can be used to discover bottlenecks in an application and find ways to optimize the applications performance for AMD platforms. Get AMD APP Profiler and try it for yourself to see what it can actually do for you! AMD APP Profiler features : Collect OpenCL Application Trace: - View and debug the input parameters and output results for all OpenCL API calls - Search the API calls - Navigate to the source code that called an OpenCL API - Specify which OpenCL APIs will be traced Collect GPU Performance Counters of AMD Radeon graphics cards: - Show kernel resource usages - Show the number of instructions executed by the GPU - Show the GPU utilization - Show the GPU memory access characteristics - Measure kernel execution time OpenCL Timeline visualization: - Visualize the application high level structure - Visualize kernel execution and data transfer operations - Visualize host code execution - Annotate host code in the timeline with performance markers using the included CLPerfMarkerAMD library OpenCL Application Summary pages: - Find incorrect or inefficient usage of the OpenCL API using the OpenCL analysis module - Find the API hotspots - Find the bottleneck between kernel execution and data transfer operations - Find the top 10 data transfer and kernel execution operations OpenCL Kernel Occupancy Viewer: - Calculates and displays a kernel occupancy number, which estimates the number of in-flight wavefronts on a compute unit as a percentage of the theoretical maximum number of wavefronts that the compute unit can support - Find out which kernel resource (GPR usage, LDS size, or Work-group size) is currently limiting the number of in-flight wavefronts - Displays graphs showing how kernel occupancy would be affected by changes in each kernel resource - Display the AMD IL and ISA (hardware disassembly) code of the kernel for OpenCL kernels and DXASM code for DirectCompute kernels.

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