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SQLite is a small fast Embedded Sql database engine. DBD::SQLite2 embeds that database engine into a DBD driver, so if you want a relational database for your project, but don't want to install a large RDBMS system like MySQL or PostgreSQL, then DBD::SQLite2 may be just what you need. Note: DBD::SQLite2 is the old version of DBD::SQLite, and embeds version 2.x.x of the sqlite Library. The current version of DBD::SQLite embeds version 3 (or possibly later if I forget to update this file). This release is designed to allow you to have both versions installed on the same system. SQLite supports quite a lot of features, such as transactions (Atomic commit and rollback), indexes, DBA-free operation, a large subset of SQL92 supported, and more. Installation requires a compiler. The engine is very fast, but for updates/inserts/dml it does perform a global Lock on the entire database. This, obviously, might not be good for multiple user systems. So beware. The database also appears to be significantly faster if your transactions are coarse. One performance Benchmark I did was inserting 100_000 rows into the database - with AutoCommit on it was doing about 50 rows per second. When I turned AutoCommit off it went up to 1000 rows per second. This module is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself, and is copyright Matt Sergeant, 2002. The underlying SQLite database engine is copyright free.

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