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Taking Breaks Most qualified professionals agree that taking breaks is essential to recovering from/preventing RSI. Eye breaks are essential to the typist. These entail simply looking away from the computer screen every so often (every 15 minutes) and focusing on a distant object or picture for about 30 seconds. Constantly looking at a computer screen impedes blinking, which in turn affects the amount of lubricant added to the eye. Rapid blinking... For IT Professionals working on computer screen all day can be very tiring and a punishment for eyes, but we don`t realize the damage to eyes until we start having headaches, irritated or dry eyes, blurred vision, slow refocusing from PC screen to objects which are far. EyeProtectorPro can protect your eyes, This software reminds you about taking breaks on regular intervals and more. When we work on computer, the eye blink rate decrease by 70%. The Eye Blinking Rate average is 18 Times /Per minute, but it comes to 4 Time /per minutes from 18 Times /per minute while working on computer. A simple rule you can follow: when you work for 20 minutes, look at least 20 feet or 6 meters away for 20 seconds. EyeProtectorPro reminds you to look away and take breaks. When eyes are punished for years by using computer all day, the muscles which allow eyes to focus can get weak and they start taking longer time to focus objects which are far from computer screen. EyeProtectorPro reminds you to take breaks and shows you doctor recommended eye exercises which you can do easily helping your eyes regain refocus power. Eyes are very important part of our body and we should try to keep them healthy. We should not take chances our ability to see this world. If you work on computer and you want to keep your eyes healthy and avoid headaches, blurred or double vision, itchy or dry eyes, loss of focusing power from near to far then use an advanced EyeProtection software and keep your eyes healthy!

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