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For the Watch That Sound project, Jacques van de Veerdonk asked me to make something for generating a credits Movie. On the Kids Only day of the Rotterdam Filmfestival about a 100 kids will participate in a workshop that will introduce them to the world of film and music in an informal way. The kids will participate in making a soundtrack for 4 short movies. The premiere of the resulting movie will take place right after the workshop and Jacques thought it would be fun for the kids to see their names pop out of the Big Screen! The CreditsGenerator is a program that reads a textfile containing the names of people to be credited. It generates a quicktime movie of names popping out of the screen, using Fibonacci Phyllotaxis for placement, and scaling to create a playful 3D-ish effect. To see what it looks like watch this movie that was generated using the names of the V2_Lab team. To run the CreditsGenerator you first need to make sure you have java (1.4+) and quicktime player 7. Download CreditsGenerator.jar and open the text file from the File menu. The text file should be a plain text file, with a new line for every name. (Leave lines open to create credit groups). After selecting the file the program will start immediately, so just wait untill the progressbar indicates it is finished and you will have a movie called The generated movie is encoded with Animation codec, 25 fps and a size of 720 x 576 pixels. An older version of the CreditsGenerator generates the same animation (except that the names are in alphabetical order), but writes the frames to the hard disk as bitmaps. These bitmaps can than be converted to an uncompressed avi movie using BMP2AVI. For the old version download CreditGenerator-old.jar and run it by typing java -jar CreditGenerator-old.jar on your commandline. Or if you're on windows just double click it. Typing java -jar CreditGenerator-old.jar -i {input.txt} will play an animation using the lines read from input.txt.

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