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Op. System: Linux
Last updated: 2008-05-19
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Publisher: WinToNet
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K3DSurf is a program to visualize and manipulate Mathematical models in three, four, five and six dimensions. K3DSurf supports Parametric equations and Isosurfaces. Features Studying mathematical surfaces with K3DSurf include doing: Interactive visualization with mouse events (Right: Rotate, Middle: translate and left: Scale). Real time animation (rotation) and Morph (by the introduction of t_time variable). Animation and morph can also be monitored by controls that affect the CPU usage and t_time step. Creat screenshots by copying the draw window or by using the best ray tracer on the net: Povray. Creat Movie scene is also supported Generat Mesh files that describe the shape of the mathematical model. Supported formats are: Povscript : Povray is the best ray tracer available on the net...and it's free. VRML2: to use with the majority of current browsers via an appropriate plug-in. OBJ: a well-known file format supported by the majority of 3D applications (Blender, MAYA and Moray...). Parametric Surface/curve : K3DSurf use parametric descriptions of it's physical models. The parametric method of representing surfaces/curves uses a function to map some portion of R2 (the domain) to a patch of the surface in R3. Because any position in the plane, and thus any position on the surface patch, can be uniquely given by two coordinates, the surface is said to be parameterized by those coordinates. Parametric equations can be either Implicit or Explicit : ** Explicit equations: In an explicit equations, x, y, and z are each given by separate functions of parameters u and v. Example: X =u, Y = u+v, Z = cos(u+v) ** Implicit equations: Right Now, only implicit equations like Z^n = f(X,Y) with (n mod 2 = 1) are supported by K3DSurf. Example: Z = exp(x^2 + y^2), Z^7 = exp(x*cos(y))

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