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TTF2PT1 is a modification of Andrew Weeks TTF2PFA True Type to Postscript Type 3 converter. Which will convert Most True Type Fonts to an Adobe Type 1 .pfa file. And also the other font formats supported by the FreeType Library to an Adobe Type 1 .pfa file. And the BDF fonts to an Adobe Type 1 .pfa file. Yet another use is as a hinting engine: feed it an unhinted or poorly hinted Adobe Type 1 font through the FreeType library and get it back with freshly generated hints. If you want .pfb files, don't Despair: they can be produced too. The files produced by Default are in human readable form, which further needs to be encoded with the t1utilities, to work with most software requiring type 1 fonts. But for the lazy people ttf2pt1 includes a built-in portion of t1utilities as well. Improved the auto-vectoring (-OV) alrogithm. Allow use of any encoding table of format 4 in the ttf parser. Take the first available format 4 encoding table if no known table is found in the ttf parser. The ttf parser lists the available encodings if no supported encoding table is found. This can be used to list the encodings in any font by specifying a bogus explicit PID/EID, such as with option -l plane+pid=50,eid=50. scripts/forceiso got an optional argument to select the format of the names for glyphs without standard Latin-1 names. New map for T2A_compat encoding (for Cyrillic LaTeX) by Mikhail Umorin. Scripts supporting font conversion for CJK-LaTeX, by Mike Fabian from SuSE. Added AutoTrace support for the bitmap fonts (-OZ). It's horrible. Added vectorization of bitmap fonts (-OV) - functionally the same thing as autotrace but home-grown. Works mostly decently but still with large space for impprovement. Relaxed the conditions for warnings about long glyphs. Parser for the BDF bitmap fonts. Vastly improved the smoothing of the outlines. The options are saved as a comment in the output file. New script other/showdf for visual comparison of the fonts...

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